April 28, 2020

2020 not going as planned

It's Tuesday, weeks and days in 2020 merge into blurry self-isolation that feels both longer and shorter at the same time.

Wanted to add a new post here to make a record because I'm struggling to imagine what the world is going to be like after we re-emerge.

Will, we get testing of the coronavirus mapped out enough to prevent a second wave?

Will our grocer's back-up of food, especially perishables like fresh fruit and veggies, bread, meat, milk and eggs make it to the store or will our pantries be stocked with canned food and powdered mixes? ...until that too runs out?

What will be the long term effects on the economy and politics? Can America survive 4 more years with this terrible POTUS?


Will we see a shift for good to save the planet that never would have happened without this time of reflection on how fragile human life is?

January 13, 2020

dealing with social media

...or not. Where to start?

1. It's all about "me", or the shared bits of all of us.

Thinking about "looking" at screens.
Writers of memoirs and painters of self-portraits have known this feeling for centuries. A window to our soul and an apple a day...whatever.

This grain of sand (now in 2020, 1 in over 7 billion). Light plus silver halide particles on a film negative, capturing a thin layer of shadow and exposure framed in a box for a flicker of a moment.

Now multiplied by millions (those who share) and billions (everyone who has access to the interwebs) if even only by wireless phone.

That brings me to phones. While I ❤ art + fiction. And enjoy autobiographies ( esp. unplanned ones) and don't care much for biographies (esp. unauthorized ones). Phones?

The problem with phones is like screens; it's not about the device. It is all about the disembodied voices. It is the torture of the damn things "beeping" all hours of the day and night.

A sincere heartfelt thank you to the team who developed the 'Do Not Disturb' algorithm. Thanks for helping to reduce a lot of suffering.

(to be continued) 

In the next post, later with the ...or not dealing parts.

(1/13 to 1/17/2020 or 4 days later)

Uploaded this background to FaceBook in December 2019.
More than a few times over the years I've written long wordy complaints about how there has to be something better. I've quit FB, even deleted photos there, etc...

Today? I'm feeling like enough words.

(1/29/2020, 12 days since I added words here)

Twitter algorithms hunt up data from "web-crawlers" my searches, emails and whatever else my digital life lets "them" list and sell. The loudest crap buries tweets from my meek busy friends.

Facebook bought Instagram, it keeps attempting to remind me to log in. But, I have never done the FB on my phone.

This Blogger blog, Google purchased, now uses ad space attempting to sell add clicks to me. It knows I visit my own blog here while editing more than anyone else reads it. That $84 and change in my Adsense account went from $79 to $84 dollars in the last 8 or 9 years. It will never reach the $100 dollar threshold. So Google will never pay me. 

Medium paid me a nickel. They actually sent a deposit for that five cents! But, people stopped clapping when I got past the five episodes they could read for free. So, I listed all the episodes as FREE to read. It's against the rules to ask for claps. I haven't but, the cynical side of my sense of humor assumes they are blocking me since it's free to read my story posts there.

My own blog, www.uvabe.com always shows up as Not secure. Hmm...? I see this same warning in the paid-for URL on a lot of other artists' and writers' blogs.

The mean person who I fight with sometimes says, You will never be young and sexy, you will NEVER be an influencer. Why do you even waste your time? 

I say What else is there? It's what I've got, a little time to waste. Then I write this post as a writing warm-up for more important things.

September 11, 2019



I am very aware of the fact, being on my own, will not lead to success. 

Success is people. 

It doesn’t matter what it is one is attempting to achieve. 

A mountain of art/writing not in the minds-eye of anybody else, does it even exists? 

Does music in a sound-proof room make a sound? 

Did the lone dancer move? 

The dreamer must awaken for the dream to become “real”. 

July 6, 2019

On Not Stopping Writing

Monday a week and two days later. Blogs and social media feeds are upside down, we start at the end, call it now, and bury the past a scroll further down the page. Every now and then I look at the artwork and writing that I’ve done over the course of my life so far and attempt to figure out the best path forward. To make this less of a task of sifting through piles of paper and crates of ceramic art I’ve made a link list page here:

I’m being recursive. Blog with links of blog posts, posted on this blog. But, it’s a shield of the past to push the reality of now further down the page while my hair attempts to grow back and I continue to survive.

A ramble in the middle of still not giving up.

‘U’ who are you?

There is no answer. One soul anchored in bone, blood and flesh, an imagined ideal for an unanswerable question. The mind-body question is as wide as the universe and as small as a one-cell organism. Both true, a simultaneous contrary inside a ripple in consciously observed time called a body.

What is worthwhile?

Good work. Defining good work is like explaining what art is. Start with good. Living creatures thriving. In nature, many predatory and invasive living things thrive in ways that are not good for their prey or host. Even herbivores without room to roam or predators to keep their number down will overgraze. Good is balance. Work to maintain balance and the order of the cycle of living things, is good work.

Yesterday I did nothing. I didn’t think(a very rare day). All-day I stayed in bed and played video-games. Nothing with skill--digitally facilitated depression, basking in my uselessness in this society and economy, letting myself think whatever burbled up with the least amount of outside input possible. 

Why? If you are a soldier who gets a non-lethal hole shot in them, if you are a carpenter who accidentally takes a nail or a dropped saw blade you get no time to mourn that loss of a little piece of you, your flesh and body gone forever. 

When you are a long term cancer survivor you know what’s coming. I didn’t know I would be fighting for a piece of me at 26. It just happened, I was in shock and I dealt with it. I was a good trooper. Other people were in charge bustling all around. They did the best they could with the tools they had to fight for my life. Now, in my 40s round three of this “surviving”. I have moved past depression, to fight. Fight or flight. Only I can’t fight them and tell them not to cut off this part of me. I battle to pay the bills, death by a thousand paper cuts. Then I go, lamb-to-the-slaughter. I can’t tell you what it means to me. This latest chunk of flesh. I can tell you that cancer has taken so much of me, I listen to the plea of folks with body dysphoria and I think. “I like my body. I liked it, what’s left of it.” My identity, who I was, is not who I am now. Enough has been cut from me because of cancer that I am no longer the same person anymore. Giant chunks of my life, not only flesh, but years of fighting where I can’t think about art or write.

My art changed to totems of the immune system to symbolically fight a disease I can’t get my hands on and throttle. Writing changed so I start a book with my personal experience of getting a “heart-plug” removed (in reality it was a subdermal port with a line through my ribs directly feeding into an arty pumping away from my heart). This terrible experience where the anesthesia wears off and the surgeon and assistant are talking about carpooling, new vans, and soccer practice is grafted onto a character in my book. Lamb to the slaughter, he is a sheep-person… That’s the first scene in my 2011 story. In this world of trigger warnings how could I expect anyone to read this? It’s not what people want to read, it’s what I had.

The subject in this next work-in-progress is all the things we think/I hear and we/I can’t do because the world, the international economy is in a stranglehold of greed. We want to save the world. We want to do worthwhile jobs in science, technology, the arts and literature, but instead. Vegans flip bacon burgers with egg and cheese. A three animal murder joke to their beliefs, and then clean the grease trap, over and over. A genius that should be a music composer slaves away processing medical billing. He makes no music, hasn’t made any sounds in years except for screams of anger and frustration because he hates his job and he doesn’t have time to think about what he loves, what gives meaning to his life, music. An inventor who could greatly contribute to reducing the energy used by society is being disturbed from sleep because Amazon wants them to process the money-numbers from the past day at 3:30 am. Forget prototyping any inventions, keeping a roof over the family, paying for education so they have a fighting chance in this economy is all that happens. A Ph.D. naturopath doctor is scrubbing “toilets” in a campground while millions would greatly benefit, their lives would be substantially improved, every day, by preventive medicine. 

Those are just a few examples from my friends. Then there is me. I can’t edit. I never have been able to edit, not emotionally, not structurally. It’s not something I can learn, I keep trying, but. I post what I have, because that is what I have. I’m tired of spikes on my ceramic art. I was working on a pallet of bright happy colors of glazes and new curved shapes. I was attempting to get to a place in my art past fight to the meaning of a full mark-and-form-language to communicate more of my human condition than anger and defending myself. But, I couldn’t because THE WORLD was too unhappy. 

I hate politics and business. But, after a couple years of drafting and debating, I’m writing science-fiction prototyping to postpone the apocalypse and start to reduce damage to the earth and mitigate the long term, irreversible effects of climate change. Oh yeah! and hello world, it’s a political parody where a Cat gets elected POTUS in 2020 because a Dog from another planet, landed on her front stoop and after he died, she was so heartbroken she was motivated to get into politics. 

Never in my life did I ever think I would be writing a political parody. Then, right in the middle of this story no one can wrap their minds around enough to comment, again. The lab results come back, you have cancer, again. 

So, today, I’m not in bed playing video games. I’m back attempting to make sense out of insanity. The wisdom to know what I can do something about? I know I can’t cure cancer.

Work to prevent some suffering in the pending new dark-ages post-oil. Suffering caused in part by global economic leveling that will most likely result after the world’s fossil fuel-dregs blot-out the finite ecosystem where life thrives on this little planet. (i.e. our Earth is not unlimited). Here I am one more voice in the masses of social media writing down every good idea I have or have ever heard people discussing in this science fiction prototyping political parody. IMO writing this story to help "save-the-world" is more realistic than curing cancer. 

P.s. I know all the world wants to hear or bother to look at and “like” are cat and dog photos. 

A warm-up exercise on what could be a beautiful Saturday, July 6th, 2019.

Just type anything that comes to mind… please, don’t just sit there staring into space. I’m seated at our dining table where I usually write. Approximately 90% of my hair fell out because of chemo and isn’t growing back yet. My ears are ringing and I have a near-constant tho slight headache. Because of some permanent side effects of the chemo drugs this round, round 3 of cancer (round 1 was in my 20s, round 2 was in my late 30s and now 10 years later, I am now waiting for, by my count, what will be my 10th cancer surgery in my still under 50 years of life. 50 is mentioned as the age when they normally start screening American’s for cancer. I haven’t made it to 50 yet.

This 2019 project isn’t planned to be easy or fun to read, I wonder how I’d be doing if my body wasn’t clouding my mind? I attempted to edit just now, but my anger seeps through into everything like blood in white cotton.

Anger, not depression. I would very much like some mental health help dealing, but what I have researched, results in me relating more to PTSD (post-traumatic stress) of soldiers who have lost parts of themselves young in war, and I know I don’t equate. I’ve suffered possibly 1/10th to 1/3rd as much as most military wounded have. I need to find a counselor who specializes in the trauma suffered by long term cancer survivors. Private would be better than a group, because I am not very nice to be around lately. I had a plan to do so, seek mental health help, but I was cut off from access to that resource by the greed of the only health insurance provider covering multiple counties in Washington State. Don’t even ask. No, I can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket for much of anything.

It’s very painful and frustrating to not be able to think clearly. As I understand it (again via solo research) the lizard brain shuts down a lot on higher thinking when a person is angry because it’s activating the fight part of fight-or-flight. Damn, I wish I could just fly away. Meditate like a guru not on my breathing, but on my immune system to spontaneously heal, and kill this damn cancer, without more cutting and worse, radiation. It doesn’t seem like it would be worse than cutting. But, the long term cell damage of the radiation I was treated with, in my 20s is causing complications to my everyday life now. 

So, I’m writing about this crap, instead of writing or editing. It’s medical and it should be private. There are repercussions, anything or more like everything posted on social media, the lawyers of the health insurance companies can use against us. I say us because they are hurting my entire family, not just me. “They” being the corporate entity who is calling the shots in the billion-dollar health insurance industry. Their profit increases even as the life expectancy in the US is dropping. Their drugs via the opioid epidemic is killing so many people they have tipped the statistical scales of a nation of over 300 million people for the first time in 100 years. Isn’t that the definition of criminal negligence? 

Just, FYI I haven’t been prescribed any pain killers. I am not allowed to take ibuprofen or even aspirin. I also don’t want any anti-depressants. That’s what the official opinion of my anger is, I’m chronically grumpy as a type of depression. 

So now what? I can post this and admit to my failure or post this as an excuse as to why I’m not keeping up with my weekly goal to revise and post one episode of a project that I’ve been working on since NaNoWriMo 2017. Yep, more social media “help”. However, the main character ‘Utah Green’ is from a 2008 project that I translated into a 2015 play for the stage. NaNoWriMo just helped me to word-vomit it out fast, because it was on my mind. I told myself, just type anything that comes into mind, and now here I am. 

Still not back to writing, yet. Update, November 1, 2019.

Confession to myself about the state of our Health Insurance Coverage.

I’m not okay, nor am I “fine” thank you. Pain wakes me up most early mornings between 4 and 6 a.m. and I am a night owl who rarely, as in never get into bed before 11:30. I am being denied mental health care specific to the trauma I have suffered by the only health care provider option in a several-county block in Washington State. They have effectively created a health care desert because of their greed. Because of health care premiums that are over the 9.6% legal limit of our monthly income, combined with highly rated doctors, and hospital closest to our home being OUT-OF-NETWORK and therefore OUT-OF-POCKET, they are blocking access to diagnostic screening to determine the source of this pain that I have discussed, in humiliating detail to several in-network doctors. My current prescription needs adjusting and I do not have access to an in-network doctor qualified to determine what would be medically best for me as a long term cancer survivor because they do not have a “survivorship” team at all. I’m going to say this again, just to get the rattle out of my head. They have no in-network doctors for cancer survivors only a waiting list for cancer victims. Because of this fact, my family has already paid thousands in OUT-OF-NETWORK medical bills this year, bills that just keep coming and coming, from several obvious to me, medical billing code errors resulting in us not being able to pay down our debt at the rate we were planning on. They also ignore my last two primary care doctors because both were OUT-OF-NETWORK and therefore do not update my medical record and this has resulted in repetitive uncomfortable confrontations between me and the medical staff responsible for my care. I have filed several formal complaints, and am burnt out and tired of filing complaints. The Washington State Health Commissioner dismissed my case as closed while I was still waiting for a surgery date for a major cancer surgery. A less severe example: one test that is the very definition of preventive screening that is covered by my plan, went through three rounds of complaints. And the health insurance company adjusted my bill from $1,070.03 to months of letters and emails and calls later to $1,070.03 i.e. they didn’t even budge a single penny. And my most hated adige? “It could be worse,” I asked a Dr. Friend who visited my house to help me navigate my OUT-OF-NETWORK only “options” and she said. “You have a good health insurance plan. Better than mine.” And that is another reason I’ve not been able to file a multi-item list of complaints to the WA State Health Commissioner and re-open my case. As health insurance situations go, we are probably average in contrast to others with more horrible medical situations. We may not be able to pay down our debt as fast as we had planned, but we aren’t bankrupt or being kicked out of our home, yet. I may be dying of cancer or it may be pain that is a side effect of past cancer treatments. I may be going crazy not knowing with no access to the mental health care that I need. But, at least I’m not dead, yet, leaving my husband to pay medical bills, alone. But, the truth is, I’ve been avoiding people. When they ask. “How are you?” or worse. “Are you cancer-free?” I change the subject, because, I’m not fine, I’ve been waiting months for several out-of-network referrals. All the while not knowing what that strange mass I pointed to on a scan arguing with an in-network surgeon who honestly stated that he didn’t feel like he was qualified … it could be worse, he could have made it worse rather than being honest. I’m thankful for his honesty. But, that doesn’t fix the uncertainty caused by the daily pain.

I probably should not post this. But, I need to face it, move past it and keep fighting, so I am.

4th update -- November 4th, 2019.

After a long duration of feeling miserable, I researched up a theory on the web and a way of dealing for myself. I know doctors love when patients do that (as my guess is not an actual diagnosis). Tho not a treatment that will help for the long term, my regimen will have to do until I get access to the care I need. I’ve been feeling considerably better for the past couple of nights.

January 13, 2019

2019 plan

Dear Democrats, assorted liberals, wannabe socialists and Republicans who want their country and party back from the madness that is consuming all of the United States.

I’m a moderate-wannabe-independent-fool who tends to vote Democrat. The tool that I have is 'the "pen", not 'the sword'. In 2019 I am writing a climate change fiction political parody, not good descriptive fiction, but a goal to save the world/postpone the apocalypse, in a paper-thin wrapper of fiction.

Last weeks post, May 16th, 2019, Un-Un-Cat, Episode 20. -- FORWARD!!! is in the future. In the story, it is Monday, January 20th, 2021 and I inaugurated my metaphorical Cat-person as president.

The Cat is a symbol to unite the nation. What is important is what she stands for. In the story, her slogan is ‘Sort the data and do the math!’ I wrote this slogan over a year ago. Since then a very interesting thing has happened. A candidate has emerged who has the slogan MATH (make America think harder). This candidate has done a ton of policy work to make a plan to heal the situation we are facing in America right now.

Tho, I sincerely want our next president to be a woman and believe that the Nation needs women in leadership to heal our divide, it is my opinion that this man has a plan that could actually flip the status quo.

His name is Andrew Yang, here is a link to the policy page on his web site to read and judge for yourself.

Yang2020 Policies --  https://www.yang2020.com/policies/

In my fictional political parody, a group of candidates band together to take on the presidency as a team. The vice president is Bernie Sanders, the Secretary of State is Elizabeth Warren.

The 5th in line Secretary of the Treasury is Andrew Yang. He is keeping his promise to empower the people directly with a freedom dividend of a thousand dollars per month to every American over the age of 18 by serving as the US Secretary of the Treasury.

In my imagination, I also have Kamala Harris as Attorney General, “dang she would be a kick-ass Attorney General.”

Energetic people person Corey Booker as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and super intelligent Pete Buttigieg would be an incredible Secretary of Education. Also, can you imagine how much work would get done adding Climate Change activist Governor Jay Inslee to the team as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency?!

I do not name anyone specifically in my fiction, but I am inspired and grateful for all the hard work each of the candidates are doing by reaching out to the American people with issues that matter for everyone as they campaign.

The plan for 2019 is to post a story, one episode per week for 52 episodes. The story is science fiction prototyping and a parody of the mess of current politics.

A Cat is befriended by a Dog from a galaxy far, far away. Together they plan how to save the world. Tho, the cat is less optimistic and she hopes to postpone the apocalypse.

There is also a WikiBook started, March 2019, with the same ideas I have been working on for decades. It is called 'How to postpone the apocalypse' it is a list of ideas for everyone interested in working together to save the world.

Here are links to story episodes posted so far.

Episode 1. Not a chicken, Not an egg.

Episode 2, 'Hello, World' (live long and prosper)

Episode 3. The House That Uncle Jack Built 

Episode 4. Nothing to fear, food, and point of view

Episode 5. Lonely Dog from a galaxy far, far away learns how to make friends on the internet. 

Episode 6. — Dog never gives up hope for his people to one day become friends with the people of Earth.

Episode 7. Dog's Point Of View on How to Save the World. 

Episode 8. -- Farewell

Episode 9. tl;dr (too long; didn't read).

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 11. Cat's Don't Understand Bad-guys.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 12.-- Cat's don't understand romance. 

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 13. -- What Utah Robin Green really wants.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 14.--Wake Up America! The Millennials are coming!! The Millennials are coming!!!

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 15. -- How a Cat became the HUMAN candidate.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 16. -- Home is where the heart is.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 19. -- Poetic Justice a.k.a. Level Orange Catharsis. 

Un-un-Cat, Episode 21. -- The White House Lawn.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 22. -- Freedom and Integrity in Journalism.

During 2019 the story will be Un-Un-Cat (Unedited Unapologetic Catharsis). At some point when I feel this story is complete and edited, possibly with more or better illustrations, the series Un-Cat (Unapologetic Catharsis) will be posted.

About the www.Medium.com paywall, you can read three episodes for free each month. The odd-numbered episodes are free to read. The even-numbered episodes are behind the paywall. So, even if you start later in the year, a reader could possibly catch up, with the story eventually and those who had a Medium account can help support future projects.

Thanks to all for reading.

Q: Why am I pushing the Un-Un-Cat story out there now?

A: Because I will never forgive myself if I don't post this story during the year 2019.

Q: Why "unedited" it seems to be somewhat edited?

A: I have been torturing folks who know me for editing help and beta reading for years. I know from writing groups and online editing websites that I take more than I give. I just need to stop, push forward and get past this catch-22-thousand.

Also, after 2020 I have made a promise to my loved ones to focus on art or non-political fiction purely for entertainment.

P.S. Please feel welcome to ask questions in comments either here or after the posts on Medium and I will do my best to add to the FAQ.

April 16, 2018

how-to-save-the-world ~ draft 4

To recap, Expulsion posts with #drawfool #doodles posted here, from Dec. 2017 to April 2018. (see list). Then I began the work of setting up my pottery studio to make ceramic art. Did I mention I am a fool artist/writer? Anyways, after a while of scribbling, the fiction book has started to take shape. August 2018. Promises, promises, don't believe me, fine. Intentions pave the way to, you know. Blog posts of fiction story from out-line posting goal for episode 1, Jan 2019.

list of 50 daydreams

(links to full posts in order, as blogs scroll in reverse)

1. Revolution level passive energy redesign and upcycle of all buildings, home, business, storage, all construction from dog houses to skyscrapers.

2. BYOM (Bring your own mug) water bottle or thermos.

3. Eliminate the digital divide and simultaneously save millions off of print cost across the economy.

4. to-save-world -- end junk mail via the internet for every home and an official USPS current resident/local news, services and sales email.

5. Stop using use-once throw-away plastic bags.

6. Re-shippers -- Reusable mailers for all shipping companies to eliminate cardboard boxes, and paper (SASE) envelopes.

7. No more toxic chemical roof run-off - anywhere.

8. No more asphalt or cement parking lots.

9. People and living creatures first, automobile road design second.

10. Replace monoculture mown and trimmed grass lawns with native grasses and other low maintenance ground cover plants.

11. Plants, plants and more plants -- everywhere. Gardening is the number one hobby worldwide, everyone should have access to fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

12. Crowdsolving save-the-world with the collective intelligence.

13. Goats and sheep, lama, etc... in movable fences, to clear brush and trim landscaping near paths and roads, fertilize and aerate land - instead of herbicides, controlled burns, machines and chemical fertilizers.

14. Organic food by default should be - stickerless and crude oil packaging free and pesticide produced products should wear the warning labels.

15. Compost. -- Inspired by the giant rats I watched roam the streets in Portland in the 90s.

16. eating meat with lower cost to the planet than factory farmed pork or beef.

17. Life on the planet dead-serious how-to-save-the-world via our oceans and rivers -- sustainable harvesting of fish and shellfish in tandem with habitat restoration.

18. Improve the human diet by body type, age and physical activity levels - not about losing weight, but for a healthier people and planet.

19. Fibers, dyes and the production of cloth, all types, baby clothes to potting soil “bags” and boat tarps, weighed for environmental impact.

20. Plug-in electric vehicles connected to smart microgrids that run on solar & wind power to replace our crude-oil dependant system.

21. People power paths everywhere -- walking, bicycle, unicycle, wheelchair or skate etc.. - as alternative transportation to roads.

22. End plastic packaging. Stop all plastic use-once-throw-away-trash by designing it out of production.

23. Standardised refillables. For all types of products currently sold in throw-away plastic.

24. Water efficient redesign of all toilet and bathroom plumbing. Flush grey-water or better yet, don't poop and pee in water at all.

25. Solve money. How do we reach that Star Trek utopia where money isn’t?

1. Housing and buildings for small businesses (individual mortgages).
2. The arts, culture, and literature.
3. Postage, packages, and snail-mail.
4. Communication media.
5. Food.
6. Education.
7. Healthcare and medicine.
8. Transportation and shipping.
9. Industry and production for larger businesses.
10. And last Government (I break that one into three parts). A. Politics, B. the work of leadership and C. the military.

26. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Social currency for the arts, culture and literature is daydream 26/50.

27. Remove money from politics.

28. Truth in journalism and news via peer and public review plus writing credits. Some issues balanced with the rights to publicity and privacy.

29. Drugs and illegal substance laws need to be reevaluated weighing the most current research on the physical harm to the individual health of the users and each specific substance socioeconomic damage and possible benefits to quality of life for populations.

30. Prison reform - the US has the highest documented* (China is not documented) incarceration rate in the world = big complicated problem.

31. Electronic medical records that belong to the patient for safer more accurate and efficient healthcare.

32. Recognise Physical Characteristic Discrimination of ourselves (like racism, misogyny, homophobia, and ageism all rolled into one).

33. The Right to Privacy and the Right to Publicity in the digital age.

34. Family medical history as preventive medicine: as recommended by US Human & Health Services - The Surgeon General's Family Health History Initiative.

35. Crime preventions plus access to health care make the human race's most dreaded 'A' word a solvable problem.

36. Outdoor lighting -- all upcycled and replaced with solar-panel plus light-sensor lamps.

37. Copycat crime and blood guilt of the entire news media industry.

38. Clean-up how we clean ourselves, our homes and our workplaces.

39. An answer for the middle-class (about global economic leveling).

40. Ridding America of unnecessary paper trash, eliminate paper napkins/paper towels, etc... (Define necessary paper :) i.e. no milkshakes sans cup, etc…)

41. Stop planned obsolescence - and make accidental defective designs repairable.

42. Understand the limitations of the human lifespan and live for people who will be here long after we are gone.

43. Economics based on production/profit need to become a thing of the past.

44. Make sure to focus on yourself sometimes.

45. Upcycle the tradition of the Christmas tree to better suit the time we live in.

46. Protect and expand “parks” (p.s. Why do we have to keep calling these areas parks?) - National and state forests and wildlife refuges to tiny urban green spaces with one tree, a green roof or a bench planter at a corner bus stop.

47. Helping families and individuals die with dignity. Stop pain meds epidemic.

48. Birds, window glass birds can see, Window angles 20% away from the sky works, how about less? 7-10% tilt plus an awning to block the reflection of the sky that they dive into and die.

49. Meatless / machineless Mondays.

50. World Wednesday -- every Wednesday.

Looking for #drawfool doodles? more doodles are posted here, and here 2018 doodles and more doodles than...

9 #drawfool doodles for May 19, 2018.

April 2, 2018

The air, earth, water and time we share.

#drawfool doodle for April 2, 2018.

Daydream 45/50. Upcycle the tradition of the Christmas tree to better suit the time we live in.

Instead of cutting down a young tree, shipping it hundreds sometimes 1,000s of miles and then when the holiday season is over, throwing this tree out on the street to be hauled away when it's dead: we should select a live native tree, or a tree appropriate for the climate region where our home is.

A Georgia pine in GA, Douglas fir in Washington State, Cedar or Juniper in Oregon, Pineapple for Hawaii, South Carolina or Florida (they are pretty and in the evergreen family). Something watered with grey-water close to the house for desert country like some areas of AZ, Nevada, CA etc...- Whatever kind of tree or plant that would be festive for the holiday season to be decorated lightly and kept happy inside or decorated where it can be seen from the window in a courtyard, deck or on the porch.

A living plant enjoyed during the holiday to be planted as a celebration of the new year. The mentality where trees and the Earth seemed unlimited caused complete deforestation of many areas of our little planet, and this type of thinking has to stop.

This is a daydream for everyone, not just folks who live in the country. Plan and adjust to scale for densely populated urban homes & apartments. State & National Parks and Recreation, in cooperation with DOT, the Arbor Day Foundation, Nature Conservancy etc… Landscape planners and biologists. Selected areas should work with cities for the many, little nursery trees from apartment tables, planning areas in advance for reforestation. Prepare the ground if the soil has been damaged in an area, if the ground will be frozen during January, the holes could even be dug in advance, in the fall, spaced safely for everyone's benefit, to plant the new trees after New Years.

I am trying not to be complicated or lost in the details about fragile and slow growing cacti or not-really-trees pineapple, or the soft drooping branches of tropical island pine, whatever. The best planting time or area for each particular type of tree or plant is a lot of wonderful knowledge to share and learn.

The point is for everyone to participate, and share in the replanted areas as a celebration for the future.

#drawfool doodle for April 3, 2018.

No yelling from a "soapbox" -- a conversation.

Writing this list of 50 daydreams out in blog posts, inevitably I find myself talking with folks about many topics. I have gotten the reaction of "Don't say anything about *that* to so-and-so, they will go off" 

Therefore I am feeling the need to be clear. I am not perfect myself and it is not my intention to guilt others with these 50 ways-to-save-the-world. The daydreams are just that, dreams, wishes and ideas for a conversation. 

Dialogue with others to perfect these daydreams rather than have them bark, rattle and squawk alone in my own brain is the goal.

When conversation happens we can know we are all suffering together. We are all searching for purpose, for meaning. We put a lot of labels on all these things, both the suffering and that which we attempt to hold up as having value. Labels peel away and change. Generations happen. Time erodes everything living down to a core of mineralized bone, the texture of flower petals pressed into mud that becomes stone. The will of all living thing on this planet striving every day and night to survive needs whatever humans are to recognize it. If carelessness and greed can destroy the fabric of the world, maybe awareness and seeking meaning can save everything.

Dare I say love? I love people, at a safe distance, as long as they are not bothering me. That is what I mean by no "soap-box", not yelling or lecturing. Expulsion of a fool.

I have skipped ahead from daydream 45 to 50 because I am going over the entire list, sorting by subject to figure out how to divide up the last four topics.

#drawfool doodle for April 4, 2018.

50. World Wednesday - every Wednesday.

If we truly want to be good stewards of the world, then Earth-day should be something we participate in every week. Once a year Earth-day is not enough to get the job done. Everyone could pick a project and focus on healing our environment every Wednesday.

At first, it would be easy to find tasks that need doing. Examples: Volunteers every Wednesday to help clean up trash from parks and roadsides. Pick any water near you. There is over 100 million tons of plastic trash floating in the Pacific, pick a beach. If you are not near an ocean many ponds and lakes are polluted, or choked with weeds and bacteria fed by chemical fertilizers and sewer overflow from outdated drain systems that need to be rebuilt or repaired. Everyone is educated about the flow of their wastewater and all the lakes and ponds near you are pristine? Then there are countless streams to unbury or repair.

If many people participated weekly over time we will need to get creative and work together in neighborhood groups. Plan passive energy additions to buildings. Improve water & air quality by cleaning filters and improving local grey-water systems, in our homes and businesses. All our buildings efficient and off the grid?

Then researching invasive species is a giant topic that all hands onboard planet-wide would help greatly to heal. Just a few examples in the US: Ivy, Scotch Bloom and Himalayan blackberry briers in the NorthWest, Kudzu, Chinese Privet in the South and East. From small lots to large plots of forest land, and swamps, both park-land and private can be choked by invading plants or escaped pet snakes Pythons and anacondas to catch. Miles and miles of habitat to repair in every state in the US.


Once the entire world is cleaned up then we could keep going with world Wednesdays by gardening or taking care of plants on Wednesday. Or we could plan to work at home and not drive anywhere. Walking Wednesday. :) But, we can worry about that daydream when we get there.

#drawfool doodle for April 5, 2018

If you find yourself wondering about my "optimism" this list of daydreams is for fiction. After having posted fiction on my blog in years past I'm debating with myself about how much more to post here. I am unsure how to best navigate the gap between blog writer to book author. I will finish this list, and do my #drawfool doodle in 2018. Past that, time will tell here's a link to whatever happens next.

#drawfool doodle for April 6, 2018.
Three times makes a pattern, and Blogger has now done this thing where I post something and then return the next day to find yesterdays post gone. The images are still in the 'images from this blog' file, and I have been taking a screenshot and using that image with a little bit of blog post text to share a link on social media, so I know I did save the post. I.e. it's not user error. So, I am guessing that I have used up my quota of server space, and it's past time for me to move to another blog.

Again, I will finish this project of 50 daydreams and post a link when I get there.

Thanks for reading. ☮+💚 @Uva_Be

#drawfool doodle April 7, 2018.

One last doodle for luck. 

#drawfool April 8, 2018.

March 27, 2018

Time for a WW conversation about planet Earth.

#drawfool doodle for March 27, 2018.

Talking with a marine biology college student recently reaffirmed the need for everyone worldwide to join in the conversation. We all need to discuss what we can do as individuals versus what needs to happen with corporate responsibility for the pollution, emissions and plastic garbage they produce.

Consumers have limited options, we buy what is available to buy. Corporations have shifted the burden of guilt for buying the same products, now packaged in more and more plastic to the consumer. The financial responsibility to recycle or properly dispose of product packaging needs to be directed back to the producers of that garbage. If we want them to stop bottling and shrink wrapping everything in plastic, we could ask nicely, and if they don't respond, we should start demanding laws for them to properly dispose of the waste they produce. The US needs to discuss laws like they have now in Europe and a few other less ass-backward countries where corporations are not people too.

Many have been discussing the gyres of plastic floating in every ocean on Earth. But, what is less talked about and more insidious is the plastic particles floating unseen in several layers of depth depending on the molecular weight of the type of plastic. As these layers of particles drift in the sea this plastic crap nibbled on and mistaken for nutritious food, then clogges up the insides of every living creature in the oceans because as we all know, the big fish eat the little ones.

#drawfool doodle for March 28, 2018.

Daydream 41 out of a list of 50 ways-to-save-the-world. Stop planned obsolescence. 

The weakest link in any machine is a cheaply designed part, or component difficult or impossible to replace. Many electronics like cell phones could last for years to be upgraded or upcycled with a cracked screen replaced or a loose microphone input reconstructed.

Appliances of all types, big and small, from washing machines to mixers, toasters etc.... used to be built to last a lifetime. Seals would over time, with the old plastics get cracked and replaced. But, my grandfather's old washing machine with a hand crank wringer to squeeze out the water before hanging the wash up on the line to dry, that very old machine was still in working condition long after my grandpa was gone.

I know machines now are way more complex, but all the more reason to make them so they can be repaired or upgraded.

Recently I got rid of my Apple laptop because the adapters are so cheap. So, let me clarify, the heavy converter box seems to not be cheap but it is attached to a wire that has a plastic casing that breaks when bent too many times, like the action required to wind the wire up to fit in the pocket of your laptop case, and this plastic also melts with grime like oil from human skin. (note to self, I have taken a few photos of this, it's ugly, find those pictures).

My house has used only Mac or Linux computers since before the millennium. So, transitioning to a Windows machine felt like sacrilege, but I had purchased more than 9 adapters, and I could not in good conscience buy another Mac if it means that I was going to buy many adapters for it too. Irony is, as many Microsoft Surface Pro users know, even tho it's a black cord, not white like those many Apply adapters, this cord is also attached to a heavy box, and it too frayed and it was 25% more expensive to replace. 99 dollars instead of 75 or so. I am now on my third Surface Pro adapter.

These are good machines, but they do not work without power. Whoever designed these adapter cords is failing these corporate giants and all of us for the world's energy wasted. We have several very old laptop adapters, from a Mac Clamshell Laptop, an ancient IBM from work, and an even older Fujitsu touchscreen. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE DECADE OLD LAPTOP ADAPTERS WORK PERFECTLY!

Yeah, I went there, to all caps, with a bang. Planned obsolescence, either "unintentional" by bad design or on purpose like a cheap light bulb, makes me very angry. Life is more important than a profit margin. This is a small planet. Have some respect.

#drawfool doodle for March 29, 2018.

42/50. Understand the limitations of the human lifespan and live for the people who will be here after you are gone. 

Think about it. You, if you are very, very lucky, will only live to be 100. Most, people will not live a century. While it is difficult, if not impossible to explain to someone under 25. Closer to 50, a person begins to look at the elderly closer. Thinking how time flows so much faster than the summers of childhood and that 70 to 90 year old could be me. If I survive for a couple more decades. 

How does understanding the limitations of the human lifespan save the world? The key is truly understanding. Not, knowing how old you are by the number, but actually understanding the difference between your own personal mortality, in a way that anyone who has come close to death can understand versus the limit to a human life even if everything happens perfectly. Comprehending a lifespan versus awareness of mortality are not the same.

"Things" and hoarding, excessive greed becomes useless. Planning a life so that someone else young can use the space you left behind, becomes priceless. Ideas learned and shared, memories written down or protected for future generations to use or enjoy, like a beach or a park in nature, a garden plot, a tree planted. 

Yes, if everyone understood and respected the limit to their own human lifespan, the world would be a very different place.

#drawfool doodle for March 30, 2018.

Daydream 43/50. Economics based on production/profit needs to become a thing of the past. 

The world needs us to paradigm-shift away from profit margins and producing stuff,... towards people and culture - gross national happiness or something more attune with the-meaning-of-life.

I think 'attune' is a good word for today.

attune: /
     make receptive or aware.

"a society more attuned to consumerism than ideology"

#drawfool doodle for March 31, 2018.

Daydream 44/50. I give up on everybody and the whole stupid world! 

I’m going to just stop writing stuff and go pout and play video games for a couple years. 

I am going to the pound, find a couple well behaved cute little dogs and focus all my love on them. Forget all of you alls. FU planet Earth! and all living things in general. Bring on the killer weed and cheese puffs. Virtual brain shut off here I come.

#drawfool doodle for April 1, 2018.

P.s. Dear Jesus, I know, you know I'm kidding.