March 19, 2018


#drawfool doodle for March 20, 2018.

I try not to get mired in pessimism, but sometimes I fail, for a week or more I mechanically 'copy & pasted' from my list while mentally looking for the light to give me a hint about how to escape back to the surface from the pit of sad grumpy blues.

While down, instead of daydreaming about 'how-we-could-save-the-world' or why each idea would make a difference and how all things and actions great and small are connected, I slog through the mire of reality and often complain angrily "why the *beep* are you so sad!"  This doesn't help much, so I start to scribble out my life history.

Me: Is it this? Or is this it?
Grumpy me: No. And hell no!
Me: Is it brain chemicals? 

This goes on for a while, like I said, often over a week or more. Believe in the chemicals of the mind ruling over the body, or not, the human will eventually finds that faint glimmer of hope or logic in the distance and starts digging her way towards it.

Who am I? Singular and unanswerable as it seems... the old tunnels, dug years ago are still there, just cluttered and piled with debris from the entropy of neglect. When I was a teenager, of course, I was asking myself then, 'Who am I?' before we are responsible for anyone else or ourselves. That is the time to ask the question. Or it's variant 'why am I?'

When I was this daydreaming kid, my plans were empires. My novels would be movies, a series of them, and the sets, props and story would solve all the worlds problems. But, reality. Over the years movies and TV shows continued to save the world without me. My fall-back job is and always has been artist. Therefore (perhaps as unlogically as it seems to "most-people") setting up my first very own art studio, depressed the hell out of me. When I finished the first draft of my first novel-length book in 1999 and my beta readers were perplexed,(yes, it was/is that bad). I went back to college to finish my degree. Five or so years later when I got rejection slips from the TV show series I drafted up and submitted, I returned to the clay studio. When I got rejections from a couple publishers for my speculative fiction novel in 2012, I returned again to "what I am good at" ceramic art. I am not naturally good at writing. Just look at the grammatical errors in this blog. The novel, I drafted up in 2011, has now been storyboarded and outlined into four novels. But, so far progress to revise and edit has been made only through 3/4 of book 1. After being cut-off from the clay studio, while living in the transition-back-to-home-apartment I nicknamed "the shoe-box with a view" I picked up another TV series I had started in 2008. In 2015 I transformed this story into a three-act play for the stage. It bounced back from New York... anyways, I am going somewhere. Here actually. I am going to this list of 50 daydreams. The list is research for finishing that TV series. It's my last attempt at my teenage dream. In that dream, it's sort of like how Star Trek "invented" the flip phone, decades before cell phones. 

Science fiction, is science fictionalized, but instead of inventing a teleporter or a food replicator, my science fiction had a self-sustaining garbage free culture and society. The world's problems solved the conflicts in the stories were then free to be human focused and spiritual. The set and props were prototypes for tube-train shuttle systems. There was no garbage, everything plastic was meticulously upcycled. Everything paper was processed into compost of fuel pellets. All gas emissions collected. All waste processed (pets and livestock too). Everything metal or glass was reused or recycled etc... Green, plant-filled science fiction "garden of Eden" utopia. 

I know. Reality. Can't get your hopes up. Just keep working on what you can get done. Adjusting reality to all our hopes and dreams is the way it always goes.

Note added March 21. : I am very much looking forward to making art again. Simultaneous contrary? Yes, I am writing out this list to quiet my mind and the work of art making makes me happy and quiets the words. I know I should do one or the other, write/make art, but I can't. I can't change who I am or why I am, I have tried to be practical and find a career direction that is not art. Is 'what do you do?' equal to your identity? I don't know yet. I only know - keep trying.

March 19, 2018.

36/50. Solar plus light sensor, outdoor lighting.

Upgrade all street lamps and outdoor lighting with newer energy efficient solar lamps, with light sensors and solar panels integrated into the design like the lights that have been built on buoys or boat docks for years already.

#drawfool doodle for March 21, 2018.

37/50. Copycat crime and blood guilt of the news media industry.

Should have listed this one under 29. Truth in journalism -- sources are cited always.

Back in the 90s, after Collenbine, I did some research for assignments for a college newspaper. There wasn’t any fiction writing classes available, so I found myself in a journalism focused writing class.

Interesting fact, there are long established news media rules to protect juveniles under 18 who are most susceptible to copycat crime/imitative behavior. More recent than child labor laws, psychologists have proven that those kids are after our attention/fame, their name to be remembered. In the case of mass murder events the adults too. These shooters/bombers want the media attention. Why did I mention child labor laws? It relates, think about it, the anti copycat crime media rules are old, almost 'Billy the Kid' old-laws, protecting details of crimes from media coverage. For a scary and related example, the formative age around Jr. High school is part of the reason why youths are not allowed to work in meat butchering until 18 while teenagers 16-17 are permitted to work other jobs like babysitting, retail or food service busing/dishwashing etc...

Humans are scary animals, we need to respect each other, be mindful of consequences and reactions to our actions and protect our youths. Especially those who are victims as relates to the many school shootings that were copycat crimes committed for attention. The news media oscillates with the social media now, it is going to take focused widespread action via gun regulation to stop it now. The news coverage, especially for the increase in shootings, is statistically parallel. Do the math yourself. The first school shooting was in the 70s. I never heard about school shootings at all when I was in school in the 80s. What's black and white and red all over? Ignored TV news media guidelines.

#drawfool doodle for March 22, 2018.

Daydream 38/50. Clean-up how we clean ourselves, our homes and our workplaces.

This is an oversimplification of all cleaning products, but, natural oils and scents are plenty tough chemically. Crude oil should not be made into soap. A good example, unrelated to crude oil is talc is not safe to breathe or put on our skin because it turns grey without asbestos. Another example is chlorine bleach. Personally why bother with bright whites at all, natural hues of canvas or linen are beautiful as is in my opinion. And if you just must have bleached white, there are safer bleach alternatives then chlorine.

Water is the world's best solvent - we do not need harsh cleaning products in our homes at all. We need to simplify and go back to basics; water, baking soda, vinegar and natural plant oils, for cleaning, our homes, our clothes and our bodies.

I've heard it said that Americans traveling in the EU can be spotted because they look like they just stepped out of a cellophane wrapper.  Meaning we use too much product, “over-wash” everything - ourselves and our clothing.  Please don't misunderstand, I'm not advocating not bathing after exercise or neglecting to wash our underwear and socks. But for most, cool weather clothing not worn outside working on a farm or in a factory, spot cleaning and hanging up of outerwear, jeans, sweaters, and unsoiled garments, in combination with using less hair treatments, simpler more environmentally sane makeup, less ironing & bleaching could greatly decrease the USA's embarrassing per capita waste. 

Even Levi's brand had a campaign to promote their denim lasting longer and wearing better by not washing jeans unless they are really dirty. Besides washing only when needed can save time as well as money.

March 11, 2018

daydreams 29 - 35 out of 50.

I liked my ink blot paper better than my doodle today. March 11, 2018.
Finally, instead of coffee-pacing with some idea bigger than me, today I woke up thinking about the craft of writing. If this list is a book, then what is its theme? Me being an expert on how-to-save-the-world is neither true nor the point. The goal is about people, starting of course with myself, communicating so that I am not alone in the crowd.

Alone, with the mess of my thoughts like the compulsive scribbles of hyperlexia, filling note-book after journal, after TB (thought book) means nothing if I don't organize the expulsion in a meaningful way.

There is meaning to my madness and I do have both something to communicate and a fiction story all these daydreams fit into, but this time I'm writing the story backwards. I'm listing out all the stuff I want to fit into the story, then giving my expulsion to characters in a narrative after I've said what I needed to say.

The writing bit, about how can you mean what you say if you can't say what you mean? Amuses me because it makes me think of Hobbits and Ents arguing for some reason tho it was probably more Alice and the Mad Hatter.

Negative me: Method to your madness... my ass. And it is my ass of course. So, I should know. You have a compulsion, you started this list years ago and the reason you can't stop is because this is your OCD. Other people clean compulsively, or count things etc... you have a need to know what everything is made of and then daydream about how the things that make you sad could be better.

Me: I like the word 'so' too much.

Negative me: Ah change the subject why don't you. Go on, go ahead and tell the people who may happen to read your words here. Tell them what your daydream was this morning.

Me: It's true, I can't stop. I was thinking, just post the next one, it's popular, everything that needs saying on the subject has been said many times.

#Drawfool doodle for March 12, 2018.

Daydream 29/50. Drugs and illegal substance laws need to be reevaluated weighing the most current research on the physical harm to the individual health of the users and each specific substance socioeconomic damage and possible benefits to quality of life for populations.

Examples: (microdose LSD, mushrooms or other psychedelics used in PTS Post Traumatic Stress therapy and THC extracted from marijuana for nausea treatment and related pain management where pills are not a safe option.

Not to repeat the world, but there are so many voices on this one, it’s a global chaotic symphony that has been going on since the first opioid was used for pain management, who knows how many thousands of years ago.

I mean thousands of years actually and literally. So we know for a fact, just say no is not the answer that is gonna fix this one. The Reagan era ‘War on Drugs’ started way before him and I am not so unrealistic to assume our generation will solve it. But, we sure as hell could do a lot better by taking into consideration the information we have now about what treatments work and what is a miserable loss of life.

P.s. No, I'm not doing drugs. Unless you count beer or worse as relates to my mood swings sugar. I say this not to offend the prude, but to ask pardon to the intelligent addicts battling this war who would view this oversimplification as insult of a complex life-threatening issue.

#drawfool doodle for March 13, 2018.

30. Prison reform - the US has the highest documented* (China is not documented) incarceration rate in the world = big complicated problem.

The oppression of the wrongly incarcerated is a TV show topic. Isn’t freedom the primary founding principal of the United States? How is our broken legal system not tyranny?

One factor in a complicating this problem, mentally ill prisoners mixed with non-violent offenders because of overcrowding. A personal observation shared with me by a sheriff medical examiner who worked in the real-life team in Nevada that the original CSI TV show is based on. The mentally ill were screaming and screaming, possibly hurting themselves no one had time to care for them properly, the system certainly wasn’t able to provide doctors or medications they needed. The suffering of the mentally ill added to the population of the crowded prison was driving all the other prisoners and the guards crazy.

Direction shift, sane people who shouldn’t have been locked up in overcrowded prisons 29. Our drug laws are so far out of balance with helping our society and culture and breaking up families and destroying lives by locking up young kids who made choices because they needed a better career option is … I have no words, we should ask them.

#drawfool doodle from March 14, 2018.

Daydream 31/50. Electronic medical records that belong to the patient for safer more accurate and efficient healthcare. 

I think this every time I go to the doctor and they have me fill out a medical history form. Can't remember the dates of my surgeries, I repress them. Then add family history. It doesn't fit on the form.  Just put it all in a digital file that is searchable with 'find', please.

“HIPAA,” an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Sure sounds like we should have a medical file that is portable by 2018. But, there I am with my own .pdf if I remember to print it out. Staring at this generic check-box form on a clipboard in the waiting room, checking no, no, no, no, yes see attached. What the heck do they write/type in my medical record? Guessing by the questions, they ask and the amount I have to repeat myself it sounds like, they don't have any relevant medical information on the screen.

Okay, that's an exaggeration and what I often think, and then remind myself is that one of the reasons they ask so many questions is to make sure nothing has changed or is wrong that they need to worry about. But, that's also why I think the medical record needs to belong to the patient. The fact that I can't see it bothers me. Also, I have in the past, waiting for the doctor for too long, gotten my hands on a printout that the nurse stuck in the tray by the door, to read things typed that were opinion and not true. So, I imagine for the protection of the healthcare industry, that's why medical records seem to evaporate and we start over with a new doctor.

How much easier it would be if everything that got thrown away was a read-only digital file the patient owned.

I know digital medical records were on President Obama's list, as reminisced the sadness he felt, that some of the last hours he spent with his Mother before she died. She had expended life energy and time struggling with medical bills.

I recognize the progress made over the last few years, but turning medical records from that box of paper files and film to digital is a work-in-progress, but we sure could do a lot better. Life takes time, and lives are short and fragile. So, it's on the list as number 31/50 ways-to-save-the-world.

#drawfool doodle for March 15, 2018.

Daydream number 32/50. Recognise Physical Characteristic Discrimination of ourselves (like racism, misogyny, homophobia, and ageism all rolled into one). 

The entire human race is judging and imprinting on people not living in our day to day lives, since photographs and tv cameras, movies, models in print catalogs and magazines gave us the means to study people in mass media all over the world.

#drawfool doodle for March 16, 2018.

33/50. The Right to Privacy and the Right to Publicity in the digital age.

#drawfool doodle for March 17, 2018.

34/50. Family medical history as preventive medicine: as recommended by US Human & Health Services - The Surgeon General's Family Health History Initiative.
Around the big family Thanksgiving get-together is a good time to have a conversation about this, if you have surviving blood relatives. If not, I'm very sorry about that. Everyone who can collect health information about their family needs to do this. If you are among the 2/3rds of Americans who don't know your own family health history, do your homework and if you don't know where to start the site is a good place to start. It is an Obama era site or older. I just checked to make sure the program is still on the web today 3/17/2018. Also, this info should be part of our personal digital medical file, see daydream 31 a few paragraphs up the page.

#drawfool doodle for March 18, 2018.

35/50. Crime preventions plus access to health care make the human race's most dreaded 'A' word a solvable problem. 

I know many women dread the 'A' word as much as I assume people of color wish the 'N' word never happened. But, human history has much to wish we could forget and in our current state politics right now women's rights to pursue liberty and happiness i.e. a career and family in their own body, is a debate that should not be happening at all for several reasons. 1. Medical information like pregnancy is a privacy issue. 2. Victims of crimes also should be protected from further harm and persecution. 3. If there is a medical complication, we should mourn the loss with the family not treat the woman as if she is a criminal because this terrible life event happened to them. Not just to her, a loss of a mother or a baby is a loss for the entire family.

Dear fellow humans before you get all hot or bothered, please understand, the 'A' word isn't a chicken or the egg problem,
- - Abortion is a roster problem. - - -

If there was no more rape, incest or human trafficking, and everyone of age to be a parent both male and female was educated about how babies are made and had access to birth control then there would only be the rare life-threatening birth defects that would ever result in an abortion. Again, in these sad cases, that's private and the family should be able to peaceful mourn their loss. Already, statistics have shown that when young people are educated about sex then teen pregnancy rates drop. If we stop rapes on campus or date rapes of women, then another sector of the problem is solved preemptively. 

The human race’s most dreaded ‘A’ word. Is a crime prevention plus medical health prevention (birth control) solvable problem. If our society was healthy with everyone having access to healthcare and free of crime, and those rare accidents were kept a private loss between the doctor and the family, then there should be no reason in our contemporary society for abortion to be a political issue at all.

Writing out this list, there are quite a few topics I don't want to think about, much less discuss in polite conversation. I depress myself when I ignore a rumination and let it rattle, so I keep writing in the hopes that I will work past this negative stuff, to better thoughts.

Last addition to this weekly blog post. I have been thinking the order or these daydreams should be arranged by subject into chapters.

Also, I had written a lot in the past about daydreams 32. and 33. Physical Characteristic Discrimination and The Rights to Privacy and Publicity in the digital age. But, I have been learning that when I am in art-mode, I just don't think in words. I have known the gist of this for years, since before I could talk, I think? Words are never "easy" for me. Art? I don't know. I just do it. I don't mean the doodles. I mean the mark and form language that art is made of. Some of it, the thoughts are pictographic, most of the marks are symbols and colors. I am drawing/painting/printing/sculpting a feeling. Emotions are difficult to pin down exactly with words, like memories and flavors, they move and fade. Words, clicks and squeaks and pauses. I will get back there, and finish this list, add synopses, detailed arguments, possibly other illustrations or charts in an order by chapter, later. As it is, this is a draft, draft 3 I think.

March 4, 2018

Why am I posting this?

#drawfool #doodle for March 5, 2018.

Some days less words are more. Bunnies don't talk much anyways.

#drawfool #doodle for March 4, 2018.

The title explains my original intentions, I have reoccurring thoughts rattling around wearing groves in my brain, I hoped expulsion would expunge the stuff I am mostly powerless to do anything about, so I could be wise enough to focus on what I can get done.

Why not just write it down in my private 'tb' thought book journal? I believe that many people have the same thoughts as relates to how to make the world better.

Some of the more popular daydreams billions of people all wish for the same thing. Like for example clean air and water. The collective social digital consciousness on some topics is global.

My personal list is just one more voice, one more drop of text in the www ocean. 

The action of writing this list is bringing to the surface both what I believe and my doubts. I believe, working together we, humanity can save the world. I doubt we can reduce suffering for all living things sharing our beautiful Earth if the human race doesn't collaborate and plan together. I believe this fear and sadness, observing life dying around us is the source of depression for most of the human race and also the reason why whales beach themselves. Therefore if I want to be happy I have to reduce suffering for all life surviving around me. I know I could just make art and write fiction. Entertain folks. But, while this would make some happiness the reduction of suffering is insufficient. Life is suffering, but escape is not the answer -- the answer is balance. Balance is constant work. So I work. I am posting expulsion of the fool, seeking mental balance. Expulsion of the food is a meditation and a work-in-progress. So, I continue.

Doodle for March 6, 2018.

Daydream 25/50. Solve money. How do we reach that Star Trek utopia where money isn’t?

Economists have been shouting numbers at anybody who will listen for over a century now, it hasn’t helped, we are bored by the numbers. The gist is -- money is broken. Increasing income inequality, economic indebtedness of most Nations with individuals holding more money than many countries entire fiscal budgets and GDPs combined, means that working people are broke and the extreme wealth of the oligarchy is so much money “they” can’t spend it.

The reason why I am interested in money at all is because -- money is the primary obstacle in the way of everyone working together to reduce suffering and save the world. TMI warning: I can’t do many of the ideas I dream about because I subsisted near zero in my 20s and then after college and the second home we put 20% down on in 2007 my family, like most of those struggling to stay afloat in the sinking middle-class, has been treading in debt as negative-thousandaires. Well over a hundred million families, over half of the US population (80% by some statistics) all in the same sinking boat. Debt slavery is not working. We can’t tread forever, how do we solve money?

In my daydreams where money is "no-problem", I imagine the global economic leveling we have been experiencing for a while now, spreading with digital communication and the internet since the 80s resulting in a multifaceted solution. Money-the-problem is a very ugly fractal when one attempts to chart it out. So I pull focus in on one knot, to break down that giant tangle of a tree chart, sector by sector.

1. Housing and buildings for small businesses (individual mortgages).
2. The arts, culture, and literature.
3. Postage, packages, and snail-mail.
4. Communication media.
5. Food.
6. Education.
7. Healthcare and medicine.
8. Transportation and shipping.
9. Industry and production for larger businesses.
10. And last Government (I break that one into three parts). A. Politics, B. the work of leadership and C. the military.

Note I didn’t add energy or fuel to the list because large electric power-plants and waste of energy pushing it long distances on ugly power-lines cutting up the air or spilling fuel to and from monster refineries spewing who knows what from blinking towers of smokestacks are all completely eliminated in this utopian daydream.

Daydream number 25 ‘Solve Money’ is divisible into more parts than I have ideas for. I will start at the top of my personal list.


Mortgages and earned equity as the middle-classes base for savings and retirement should never be liquidated by the gamblers in banking, Wall Street, and insurance. The wealthy should never kick people out of the life-protecting shelter of their home threatening their safety and happiness. Usurpation means taking someone's power or property by force. Primary residences claimed as home would not be allowed to be owned by anyone else. The building or land may be owned by the state or the county, but the home is private property. Home is the most vital ingredient of the American Dream serving as the foundation for upward social mobility. Regardless of the home being nomadic or inherited for generations, people will always need a space to survive. Reinventing home-as-a-right would have a stabilizing impact on all sectors of the economy.

To achieve this goal of a home as a right for everyone we have to invent a new kind of mortgage system isolated completely from all other types of banking. The despotism of the housing market's "burst-bubbles" would be leveled as a guard so that no one would be able to flip and gamble on investment housing or be a slumlord over rental properties. The wealthy would still be free to do whatever they want with vacation rentals, luxury condos or second homes etc…

Primary residences would be similar to a rent-to-own contract or a 100-year lease to protect small businesses. Every payment you are able to make counts towards saved equity. If you are unable to make a payment or damage your home it’s sort of like reverse equity, except because home is a right, not a privilege, the amount deducted can never go below zero. Meaning you own your home, you and your family never have to worry about being kicked out onto the street, you simply have zero equity.

On the plus side, every payment made is saved equity. This savings can be used to start a business, for a downpayment on a nicer home, for retirement etc… If you improve the value of your home it’s the same as buying a fixer-upper now. Your payments can be small while you invest in construction, you improve the quality of your family’s life by staying in your improved home or because your house gets a better selling price so you can afford a cross-country move for work or other life events like a birth in the family.

After the bailouts of over 700 billion to banks too-big-to-fail, who then turned around and made "profits" paying themselves ten of billions in bonuses for several years in a row, never refunding the losses to middle-class American's pensions, retirement savings and FDIC insured mortgages. To mitigate future loss to main-street caused by bailouts of the big banks, American's should not bank with these MultiNational Conglomerate Corporate Banks, instead, all primary residence holdings should be kept in small local and State-owned Credit Unions. Interest rates are only for construction loans and green home improvements and those loans have to be managed like mortgages now so that people don't borrow more than they can make payments for, but these loans should never balloon, with interest kept fixed as low as possible. Also making payments should result in interest jubilees on any loan longer than seven years. Historically the king would forgive all the debt, but in modern life, people move and change jobs so it would be more realistic to keep a record of all the interest paid, and then reduce the amount owed on the loan by the interest paid over time or if the loan is paid off then add this amount to the equity savings of the homeowner.

Home as a right, not an investment would be an economic paradigm shift that would reduce suffering by eliminating homelessness and positively change the quality of life for everyone we share the sidewalk with.

#drawfool doodle for March 7, 2018.
If you read the post above from yesterday, you may notice some old words stuck in the mix. This is because I had been searching for any possible basis for home-as-a-right, in the Bill of Rights/Amendments to the US Constitution. Home is protected from seizure and searches without just-cause and due process of the court of law, but home as a protected right for everyone is mentioned less than the pursuit of happiness or public safety. Trying to resolve the conflict of how deregulated banking adversely effects the housing market is disappointing and has resulted in more tangles and knots than segments I can extract from daydream 25, solve money.

Onwards to the next economic segment in my list to solve money. -- The arts, culture, and literature. 

After the robots are installed to do menial laboI believe there is plenty of work only humans should do, in the arts. Many creative people would be happy to be excused from the workforce if their 'day-job' was doing what they love. For many artists, writers, dancers, musicians, actors etc.. regardless of the creative endeavor, the obstacle is the same - money.

I have an economic stimulus idea for social capital plus a bit-coin type fee-free currency. 

Imagine every voting US citizen has a dollar a day of social currency to spend on the arts, culture, and literature. People "click" on any art or literature they "like" and vote with a digital-coin (like a tip-jar) in a comment box.

$365 dollars a day doesn't seem like much. It wouldn't fund the arts completely, but it would be a way to stimulate the economy. The arts make up about 2% of the US Gross National Product. Unemployment or under-employment in dead-end jobs is debated between 5 to 7% depending on the demographics of the region in question. Why not increase the arts to over 4% of the GNP? (Yes I know technically it's GDP, Gross Domestic Product, I so much prefer GNH Gross National Happiness, 😀 GNP is a compromise).

The voting age population of the US in 2016 was just over 250 million people. 250 million dollars per day times 365 = $91,250,000,000 ninety-one-billion-two-hundred-fifty-million dollars per year (plus an additional 250 million on leap years).

Okay, that's nothing to sneeze at, but divided into $100,000 yearly salaries that's only 912,500 people.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6,680,000 million people are unemployed and 1.7 million people are marginally attached to the labor force.

All this digital money would be in a corporation owned by everyone in a completely transparent social capital pool. This is not money to spend but money to tip in comment boxes for artists, performers, crafts people and writers of all types (fiction, cookbooks, poetry, prose, journalist, comedy etc…).

The shares are digital-coins processed with a fee-free system to the artist's accounts where they accumulate. It's important that there is a limit to how much anyone can tip per month and also people can change their minds. If they vote or tip by accident or decide they don’t like something a couple days later they can move their vote or tip to another account for 30 days after the original tip comment was placed.

If individuals choose not use technology or do not have access to the internet they may vote by paper ballots delivered by the USPS. They can write in up to 365 artists of their choice or support their local library, artists they know or local bands, or whatever they would like that is related to arts, crafts, performance, literature, etc....

Next is the payment to artists and creative individuals. This money is not about getting rich. It’s also not about replacing people buying tickets to shows, or paying for art, or buying books. It’s about stimulating the economy directly via arts and culture. 

Small checks under $365 are cashed by the artist via USPS money order, larger amounts are direct-deposited into accounts created for the artists and writers in local credit unions and small local banks. This is to protect creative people from scam artists and big banks that charge fees to get their own cash out of ATMs.

Large masses of tips over the $9k per month limit are production budgets. Artists and writers are expected to create 10 jobs for every million in tips over their 9k per month survival limit. This means they don't ever cash large lump sums of money. It goes from the bank to the local contractor's via a construction budget to build an art studio, and hire carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc… The artists' design what their community needs. They build an art gallery and hire an art manager to run the gallery. They build apprentice quarters and a paid position to run the art studio, etc… on an on. If they are filmmakers 33 million is nothing. The production budget for one movie. But, they can easily hire 100 or more people. It takes an army of people to make movies, tv shows, documentaries, run a theater or a dance company, operate a game cafe’ for board games or create even small indie video games etc… 

When a solo type artist starts making over 2 million. When they have already built their studio/home in previous years. They hire an accountant and a personal assistant to shop and schedule plan so they can focus on their art, now what? That’s only 2/10 of the jobs expected. The answer is, it’s not their money. If they don’t need more funding to make their art or to hire 8 more artists to work with them, then they designate a charity direction. They support the art critic and reviewers pool, -- yes I said critics’ and reviewers’ pool. They forward the money to another artist or other creative persons who inspired them. They fund the retirement pool. Yep, I said, retirement pool, like SAG(Screen Actor's Guild) only for artists(to keep future Monet's children from starving and future Mozart's out of the mass grave).

The catch is ‘it’s not their money’ all transactions are public because this is a publicly owned corporation. 100k to their music tutor is totally fine. 50k to their college. 100k to the local soup kitchen near their art studio also totally fine, because IMO cooking any type of food by hand is an art form. 150k to a children’s hospital or hurricane relief fund to pay back a chief who used their own money to feed people also totally great. Since this money is public if the chief gets too much money, they can forward the money to set up a filtered water system or build housing for the people they are feeding. The money is public and moved forward where it’s needed. No one hoards it, ever. 

What is important is the people vote and everyone had an equal share in the conversation for the arts, literature and culture they want and by doing so, everyone becomes part of a digitally facilitated cultural renaissance.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Social currency for the arts, culture and literature is daydream 26/50.

#drawfool doodle for March 8, 2018.
I woke up today the manic downswing that caused me to delete my first attempt to share this daydream, yelling at me. "There are so many ways this idea can go horribly wrong!"

Negative me: People could tip artists they know and follow them to the post office to collect their money order, then follow them to the grocery store or local credit union. Or worse, they could plan a long-con.

Me: Yeah, a few bad people will do that kind of stuff, mostly in the non-paraniod world of 75-80% good people, the majority of people do not.

Negative me: People will start pyramid schemes and trick other people.

Me: The entire point is people voting for whatever they like. Actually having a vote in the arts and culture, not just wealthy people who can afford to buy fine art. Every vote and every payment is public and transparent, pyramid schemes are easy to recognize. They would not be allowed to cash any of that money and it would return to the pool.

Negative me: What if they didn't do an easy to recognize pyramid pattern. Why if they start a meme where they take a photo of their pet's butt and then call that art and have their friend pay them? This spreads as memes do and thousands of people cash $30 checks for photos of dog and cat butts?

Me: Well, it's still public, if that what people want to do with their vote for the arts, culture and literature, then that's what will happen. Also, these people are on public record as an artist whose art is photos of butts. Not very many people would be proud of that. I think it's more realistic that people will cash in a Halloween costume for the month of October or a tip a Grandma for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in November. Or best of all, thank a friend for a hand-knit scarf. If people want to support any type of craft art, costume making or cooking I think that's great.

Negative me: So you are fine if it turns out, the art people mostly like in America is cat videos? 91 billion on cat videos!

Me: It's most important that people define culture for themselves. Their dollar a day vote is just that. I am very aware that people in cafes rarely talk about alive fine artists. Of the top-grossing fine artists, only two of them are alive and all 15 are men. No one dead can cash a check. This daydream is about social capital and people who are creating now. I'd love it if fashion and dance and mediums very difficult to break into or make a living at benefited so they became more a part of our culture and everyday lives.

Negative me: Fine. More handcrafted pot holders everywhere. I have nothing against flower arranging and baskets or anything type of arts and crafts. But, people are busy. What if people don't have time for voting on art? Or what if people don't like arts and crafts at all?

Me: I'm starting to repeat myself. They can vote to support their local library. They can read the newspaper and vote on articles they like. I think buying subscriptions to online news is a great way to vote with your social capital. If they don't like to read or listen to music or podcasts, eat, watch TV. If they don't like anything at all and don't want to waste their time they can opt out. 

Negative me: Last doubt. How is this massive social capital funded?

Me: Just like stock brokers use computer algorithms to pull millions out of the air in a few seconds, or programmers "mine" digital coins or the Federal Bank prints money all based on a Fiat = by decree of arbitrary authority. The people will decree their vote is real, and the digital coin it stands for is real.

Negative me: So the tough part is getting the United States Postal Service permission to print the money orders? What? Why would the USPS ever do that?

Me: It a big chunk of change. It's enough to completely revitalize the entire USPS, they have been operating in the red, in debt for a while now.

Negative me: The Federal Bank and the US Government would never support this.

Me: The tax revenue both State and Federal would also be substantial. This is income. The middle class pays most of the taxes. People in middle-class tax brackets, pushed-up even just a little bit, is a lot of revenue. It would be great economic stimulus, it would create a lot of jobs. The market would be helped because people would buy stuff. It's a really good idea.

#drawfool doodle for March 9, 2018.

Daydream number 27/50. Remove money from politics.

Attempts in recent years to remove money from politics starting at the top with lobbyist and campaign finance reform has failed and is pathetic as relates to corporate payoffs of our elected government.

Politicians who take payouts for issues that contradict the majority of voters should be replaced with new blood, who will actually do the work they were elected to do. Should, but it isn't happening, yet. Instead, in recent elections we are actually moving backward, not making progress in upholding voters rights, nor making every person's vote count equally.

With our current broken system, we need to start at the foundation of democracy, with the people -- make every vote count. There are so many examples besides the popular vote for president where broken politics damages our country. Even on a local level, the people vote for one thing and the government does the opposite. Take Seattle, we voted down a sports stadium and we voted for several mass transit proposals. Seattle built a couple sports stadiums and has the worst mass transit system of any large city in America. The obstacle on every level small town to the White House is the same -- money counts more in politics than votes.

There is no question that an overhaul of our voting system is needed for national elections. Tho, it is interesting and even hopeful to note some states are having more success at processing votes than others.

The Supreme Court and Congress should protect all American's rights to vote and a resolution to end Gerrymandering forever should be passed into law.

All antiquated voting machines should be recycled for parts. The voting method proven to be both the most accessible by everyone and least able to be tampered with is mail-in paper ballots. At this point in the information age, why are people having to leave work and wait in lines to vote ever? Web and paper ballot systems should have been implemented years ago for the best of both security and efficiency of voting results. Mail-in ballots combined with a digital system able to be tallied instantly and checked by the voters themselves while still maintaining each individual's votes as private, we have the technology, we have a very good postal service. Why are we losing vital elections because of punch card chads in Florida? Lost or stolen voting machines in several states? Spending tons of money on inefficient recounts in too many states to list? etc....

All political advertising should be illegal. News outlets or social media announce events and schedules, but no paid political ads ever. Instead of mailers and attack ads on TV and radio, there should be a politics channel and official state, county and national websites that only broadcast politics. All town halls and rally events are televised there and all candidates get equal airtime, the airtime divided up by National and Local elections and issues -- by importance to the people. Conversely, no advertising for other non-political products, services or commercial stuff allowed on the political channels/websites etc...

It may seem I'm reinventing the potato chip if you watch C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) or live in a state that has a well-organized website. But, you are missing my point. Money shouldn't be the determining or limiting factor for any issue or political campaign.

From brainwashing to voter suppression the US fails everyone when money is valued more than the people.

Currently, voters’ pamphlets are publicly posted on the web and printed available at the post office in most states in the US, but not all. I never knew who or what issues were on the ballot during the years I voted in Atlanta, Georgia. There were sites were groups actually charged a fee for their opinion of what was being voted on. I would search the internet for hours, make a list and my list never had the correct issues and I didn't even know the names of more than a couple people, much less what the other faceless names stood for. Of course, these states then vote in the incumbent, again and again, for years. Living most of my adult life in Washington State and Oregon, and reading the hilarious blurbs written by some of the people who got themselves on the ballot, made it so much harder for me to then vote on these faceless names with zero info. I have never owned a TV, was that the problem? Was there an accurate list of issues and candidates listed on the TV shows I never watched? Information as vital as what or whom is on the ballot should always be free.

Waiting in line with next to zero information about who and what is on the ballot, is another angle of voter suppression. 

I know it could be worse, and is worse in other countries, but knowing this doesn't make me less ashamed of politics happening right now, in the United States of America. If we truly believe in democracy, and that all people are created equal, prove it, please. Remove money from politics.

#drawfool doodle for March 10, 2018.

Daydream 28/50. Truth in journalism and news via peer and public review balanced with the rights to publicity and privacy. 

Sources are cited --- always! If you are going to make up a big steaming pile of “fake news” you are going to get credit where credit is due. If you break privacy and publicity laws, by hunting celebrities, minors or invading people’s homes or commit unlawful search of persons, wiretapping etc..., -- there will be a penalty. If you are guilty of defamation of character or treason. There will be a trial. If it’s treason it will be a military tribunal.

That’s it. No exceptions. No more buying local TV stations, newspapers and magazine blogs to force them to broadcast lies as news.

If you want to write a gossip rag, there is no such thing as victimizing others anonymously. On the flip side, whistleblowers and accusers have protections as victims,( as victims should have protections under the law now) but privacy payouts for cash or NDA for crimes are also not allowed. Also as relates to victims rights spam or public broadcast containing victims private information is protected. I.e. no news vans filming outside of schools after a shooting, or following students home etc…

I am aware that there are both laws and guidelines in place that upstanding news organizations have been following for a long time. This is about how bad it has gotten since Fox "jumped-the-shark" by calling the election for Bush before the results were in plus all the other crap over the years that we as a Nation let slide, wrong or even illegal defamation of character type lies that should never have been allowed that we are paying dearly for now.

P.s. Thanks for listening. I don’t know why I don’t get any comments here, but I recognize a lot of the stuff I write is borderline Asperger’s Syndrome/manic. I figure no comments is the equivalent to the blank stares and shrugs I get out and about in the world. Still, if you want to say hello, I do check-in on twitter and G+ almost every day. Tho, I don’t DM. I am only interested in public social conversations.
Anyways, have a nice day. 

☮+💚 Uva Be

February 28, 2018

No excuses for plastic garbage

idea simpled down to main points.

Design-out the production of all plastic garbage, no excuses.

#drawfool #doodle for Feb. 28, 2018.

Daydream number 22/50. End plastic packaging. Stop all plastic use-once-throw-away-trash by designing it out of production. 

Making sure zero plastic garbage gets distributed is the main way the world will have a fighting chance of cleaning up all the plastic trash currently floating around. Plastic should only be used for durable goods.

This daydream happens all the time. Like a constant OCD nag making my skin crawl. It’s bad enough to force me to repress or sublimate it, (i.e. Make art or something useful out of collected plastic garbage). Also, unlike daydream 21. bike-trails/walking paths, since the 80s it seems that plastic packaging is getting worse, not better. When I shop I can avoid some plastic packaging, but only a small percentage of the time. Bringing my own bags to stores, not buying beverages in plastic, keeping a clean stainless steel coffee mug in my car, using bar shampoo wrapped in paper, owning a set of camping dishes and cutlery for outings etc... these are all itsy bitsy steps, that do little to making them stop producing the evil triple-wrapped plastic-bottle, in a plastic-bag, sealed with plastic-shrink-wrap crap.

In my imagination, many of my daydreams are tangled together, like the inverse of a several ton blob of plastic a friend of a friend, who is serving in the Coast Guard, got in trouble for dragging to shore off hours, after their shift end. True story, the trash blob was so big a work crew with chainsaws had to cut the mostly plastic tangle up so it could be hauled off.

So, to untangle that mess. Take daydream number 4. Sease sending tons of junk-mail, flyers, catalogs, political mailers etc.. And number 3. Solve the digital divide. And number  6.(Reusable mailers for all shipping companies to eliminate cardboard boxes. All those tons of unused pulp and factories currently making boxes, printing the grocery store flyers and flashy cards with ads printed on them, could instead be up-cycled to produce food-grade plant-based waxed-paper-packages for everything. Wax-paper chip and snack bags, paper wrappers from butcher paper to fancy candy wrappers and all shape and sizes of cartons like milk cartons to replace plastic tubs that everything from applesauce to yogurt is currently sold in.

To really design plastic out of production, we need to do this for every product in all stores, not just food. Toys and dry things like electronics are easy to package in a box of course. Removing water from products like soap or shampoo. People could purchase a refill kit and have nice dispensers in their bathroom or kitchen that match their decor.

I’ll try to stop now, post is getting too long. Most of my how-to-save-the-world daydreams are contingent on one another. When talking with friends I recognize many, many people wish for a less polluted more ergonomic world. Millions of people are all thinking parts of the same sad, things-could-be-better thought. Some daydreams like about clean water and air for everyone, actual billions of people are all sharing the same wish in the same way we all share this little blue planet. They laugh or shake their heads agreeing, we are all doing what we can, but… Truth isn’t easy, for example, there are no excuses in life. You either made it out of the fire unscathed or you didn’t. One solution could generate twelve more problems because there isn’t one answer. Together, that’s the most uneasy truth. We have to save-the-world together, and it’s going to take a lot of work, maybe for a thousand years. No excuses.

#drawfool Feb. 29, 2018.

#drawfool #doodle for March 1, 2018.

23. Standardised refillables. For all types of products currently sold in throw-away plastic. 

The last paragraph above of how-to-save-the-world daydream 22. I mention that every solution creates 12 more problems. This 1:12/solution:problem ratio is I hope an exaggeration, tho more likely an average based on a range of problems that need solving. More complex problems result in iterations of solutions that fragment like a fractile. Like for example refrigeration and perishable goods. Less complicated problems are usually simply idiotic. Like plastic toys, babies or pets chew on. It’s idiotic because chew-toys for mammals should never have been made out of plastic. I will leave the correct/best materials for babies/pets chewing up to the responsible caretakers. The topic is standardized refillable packaging.

Every product line has its own design solution. We currently seal everything in plastic to protect the product from moisture, damage, and pests. 

For example chips, it doesn’t matter what kind, potato, corn, baked, fried, we seal them in plastic bags with a pocket of “air”. The dried air keeps the chips crisp and crunchy and the pocket of air in the bag helps to keep the chips from getting crushed to dust. The bag needs to be airtight in order to do both of these things. Waxed paper chip bags will work, but wax will crack and the paper will defuse, both moisture and air deflation can ruin the chips. Currently, these bags of chips are shipped to stores in cardboard boxes. Tho some shipping trucks, use plastic or wire racks, like the type American sandwich bread is shipped on to keep the bread loaves from getting smashed. So, the reusable standardized refillable would be a stackable shelf display sized airtight tub. The tubs get opened when people buy the product and the refillable container stays in the store to be returned to the chip factory. Bakery goods, cereal and all sorts of dry goods too fragile to be sold in bulk bins, could go from shipping to end user eliminating plastic bags via resealable tubs with lids.

Next example; pharmaceutical drugs, over the counter medications and vitamins. We have a series of problem-related to pharmaceuticals, contamination of water and addiction or misuse. Packaging from many pharmaceuticals can’t even be recycled because plastic can’t be cleaned of some drug residue and reuse may result in cross-contamination. 

Something needs to change, and safer distribution and packaging for less drug contaminated garbage is a good place to start. Doctor prescribed medications should be issued with a refillable container that belongs to that patient, especially if that drug is going to be taken for years. If this is done wrong it could be terrible for pharmacists. But, if it’s a smart system, with two appropriately designed containers, where the patient turns in the empty and picks up the refill there is the potential do good. Prescribed refillables could help make sure patients are taking their meds or not overtaking them. It could even make certain problem drugs harder to steal because inventories could be more precise. If a patient is being prescribed too many drugs or the medications are very time sensitive, certain medication conflict, etc… fractals. 

Over the counter medications and vitamins, refillables could be coded returnables, designed to return to factories, be sterilized and refilled. Smelly valerin, oils, bitter uncoated aspirin like meds. Most of these items are sold in somewhat standardized packaging now. But, not to the degree where they don’t get thrown from the recycling tub to the garbage because the container has the potential to contaminate the mixed recycling.

Stop dwelling in the negative, in this case how badly the attempt to recycle plastic is cost ineffective and failing. Asia to US shipping of plastic across the Pacific or other world oceans is a too well-known nightmare. 

Instead, let’s look anew at what renewable resources we have. Steel production is a giant US industry that needs to be stepped up to compete. Canada has surpassed the technology of US lumber processing, and in the US we can grow bamboo and other useful fiber plants, like hemp etc...

Colorful enameled steel stackable reusable containers with high-temperature silicone seals or lids. (Expensive yes, but after a number of uses, especially protecting any costly food item, they will pay for themselves. Steel “Tins” shipped on wood pallets. 

Glass is one of the most readily recyclable material and can be returned to the bottler to be sterilized and reused. Glass won’t leach chemicals into food as plastic can. Plastic has replaced glass because cheap processed food and drink is being shipped farther distances. Small local production of food and drink with bottle returns and more freshly prepared foods in small batches can increase quality and food safeness. (Search for wide-scale food distribution as it relates to the spread of diseases like E-coli or Mad-cow). For safe handling and local distribution, wood crates, for bottles and jars, both used over and over, many times. 

Packaging design and a shift away from distribution dependant on crude oil to renewable reusable and recyclable last of the three R’s has a giant potential to shift away from the plastic chemical garbage we invented in the 40s, to make that type of garbage extinct instead of life on our planet, i.e. save-the-world. 

Feels like I need some sort of twist or joke to end this post... but, I haven't got one. If you read this far and have a joke or a happy thought, that would be super. ☮+💚 everybody, sincerely, Uva "Be".

Hey, it's Friday! 😁 March 2, 2018. So, I'll continue down my list of 50 daydreams to-save-the world.

24. Water efficient redesign of all toilet and bathroom plumbing. Flush grey-water or better yet, don't poop and pee in water at all. 

the toilet I want :(

second choice grey water flush system.

Across the US this could conserve millions of gallons of fresh water daily. In urban buildings, 1-2 toilets to flush just a little sometimes and a bigger flush other times to prevent people from flushing low flush toilets three times. In private bathrooms in homes, the 1-2 low flush toilet plus a system to use washing water twice, bath/shower and washing machine water, filtered greywater for flushing toilets. In bathrooms with access to yard waste and non-food gardening compost space. Modern composting toilet systems instead of flush toilets. Tho, I don’t advocate composted human waste being used in gardens. Human waste compost needs to be wintered over at least a year and used on non-food plants or trees in the correct season when there's no fruit or nuts ripening. (Search for pharmaceutical contamination as relates to human effluent). Alternatively, a better plan is idea number 1. modern energy toilet systems, some currently in use around the world for toilets that use human waste to generate energy. Poop energy I joke about being the ‘cold-fusion’ energy source the world has been looking for. Today's daydream is about water, toilets and greywater systems, one part of daydream number 1., -- the entire building design, passive energy, renewable energy used locally and energy efficiency.

Snowball in hell, March 3, 2018. 

Do I really hate 45? -- Are there snowballs in hell? Maybe all this bad energy will just melt away.

Third confession attempt

I’ve seen several video clips of that man acting presidential. He parrots, flapping his hands, squawking on and on incessantly repeating parts of arguments he doesn’t seem to understand because he will often contradict himself. It’s like he absorbs catchphrases that he likes the sound of but the meaning of what people are trying to communicate is only a rapid fire of squeaks and clicks in his mind, like a bird.

As an American, the worst, most nauseating bits to watch are when the people who I can only assume are the ones actually doing all the work, (any work that happens to get done by this understaffed administration). When these people gather around and praise him, for what? This sublimation as if bowing before a ruler who has declared himself a demi-god and demanded each take a turn at praise or lose their heads? Seats? This horrid display is blasphemy, not against God with a capital ‘G’ but the principals this nation was founded on and holds dear.

This man who exemplifies everything that is most wrong with the United States -- racism, misogyny, the suffering of the masses caused by the greed of the oligarchy, eating fast food, over watching TV and refusing to read anything longer than a tweet that doesn’t have his name in it. This man is in the White House.

I was raised to never hate anyone. Hate was a worse word in our house than the f-bomb. To persist in anger takes too much energy away from your own life. Forgive and forget, do no go to bed angry. Hatred is worse, to hate is to wish murder upon someone. The act of hatred steals the life energy of the person doing the hating or in this case the many people in our nation ranting hatred in waves of social media vitriol. I confess to give in to, laugh at and sometimes even retweet some of these heinous memes.

As a Nation we are suffering. We are embarrassed and fearful he will insult other world leaders into attacking us. Sometimes we might even project slight hopes on the people around him in those videos. But, any glimmers of optimism are dashed against their stone cold poker faces and folded arms. He is blatantly seeking approval and those in the room don't want to show any hint of emotion because he might see it, and latch onto them. They who should hold power are fearful that he will go-off on whatever made them grimace trying not to laugh or frown because they are weary of his narcissism. The current administration swear to each other, if you are fired we all are fired, because they are afraid 45’s idiocracy will mortally damage the country without them. Worse, sometimes the administration has actively hated directly, calling him a fucking moron etc... and are therefore are disloyal to him personally, as if this was the point of being POTUS. ”Because when it comes down to it, I’m all that matters… just me. I’m the leader of the free world. Can you believe it?”

Meanwhile, this fool that I am, blogging to myself and a handful of folks who are keeping an eye on me. I confess to my ears are pricked, listening for any whisper of impeachment. Bring on the trail with an orange jumpsuit. Lock him up, but do not dress him in a white straightjacket under private house arrest. Lock him up in solitary, for his own protection, to whine sadly to himself suffering many days of loneliness until he goes mad and dies alone pondering just what he did wrong.

The truth is, there hasn't been a trial yet, so I will presume him innocent, try my best to forget and wish I could post this, laugh and just magically feel better -- then go make art and write fiction. Philip K. Dick, he had the FBI’s ear, I understand he was friendly with a few of them. Me? I add my words to the collective social digital consciousness and then search for the next topic to catch my attention.

February 26, 2018

onwards - forwards - discover your own scenery

#drawfool #doodle for Feb. 26, 2018.

21. People power paths, walking, bicycle, wheelchair and skate etc.. - as alternative transportation to roads. 

This daydream is halfway done in reality right now. But, started for me on walking paths that stretch for miles across Washington State, and continued with the much needed ‘Belt-line’ path that bisects the city of Atlanta. These well run trails safely separated from motor vehicle traffic are wonderful. It’s such a good feeling to get away from the noise and fear of people behind the wheel. “On your left!” called out by someone, a voice on a bicycle, skateboard, roller skates. Is so much nicer than a horn. I felt happy for young people getting to learn how to ride bicycles on these trails. I know that 90% of bicycle accident fatalities are automobile meets bike crashes.

For me, I like to walk, a lot. I had a grocery cart, I tried to wear the wheels off of, and I felt great, getting my exercise and a load of food, art supplies or materials for some project on my own power, --- not using crude oil. Getting outside for a bit of fresh air and stretching one's legs it great for the brain. I often felt pity for people who would glower in their vehicles having to stop at crosswalks because pedestrians have the right-of-way or worse we had pushed the button on the traffic signal. Speaking of drivers, I had many good conversations walking home from pubs with no worries about how many strong beers I had enjoyed that evening.

As I walked along, my reoccurring daydream was that a system of these trail connected from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. State to State, National Park system and city to city. I imagined groups of kids going cross-country walking, or on skateboards with backpacks, maybe as a coming-of-age journey with former classmates the summer after they graduated. Little shops at restroom stops selling fruit, nuts, and beverages. In Atlanta, one shop on the belt-line sent out a popsicle cart and had a dog watering station. On the East Coast there is the Greenway. Urban walking trails are not only green space, they are large areas to display art. While the US hasn't got a Coast to Coast trail yet. In Canada, there is The Great Trail. This is one of my favorite daydreams because it is well on it’s way to becoming a reality and a super idea to upcycle our roads and old rail lines when we get that underground system of EV tubes built. ☮😀

East Coast Greenway

Atlanta Georgia

The Great Trail Coast to Coast in Canada
The Washington Trails or

#doodle for Feb. 27, 2018.

February 23, 2018

nothing but scribbles

#drawfool #doodle for Feb. 23, 2018.
Yeah, I made it to 20/50 or 2/5th of my goal to free myself from these persistent megalomaniacal daydreams, soon I may be free to languish in frivolous art making and fiction writing.

20. Plug-in electric vehicles connected to smart microgrids that run on solar & wind power to replace our crude-oil dependant system. 

Yep, and everybody who owns a plug-in vehicle right now knows how not close we are to that daydream. :(

Doodle for Feb. 24, 2018.

tiny doodle Feb. 25, 2018.
It's an ant on a gray rainbow, in the rain. What else to say? It is what it is. Ink on paper on the corner of a page in a 'tb' (thought book).