January 16, 2018

recurring daydream 1 and 2 of 50 ways to 'save the world'

Doodle for January 16, 2018.

Recurring daydream -- Yep, this is a biofuel system, like LooWatt only with additional passive and renewable energy modules working together. Seems like a fair joke to admit that this could be the 'cold fusion' humanity has been searching for, for decades now, but, it's been coming out of our asses the entire time.

Recurring daydream as in a lot, here's a paragraph copy and pasted from a list of 50 ways to 'save the world' that got written into my November 2017 NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

1. Green housing & building , experimental engineering and design neighborhoods in every state & climate region in the US - working with colleges, community colleges & trade schools, to build & test prototypes, promote fair competition of best designs, keep zoning laws and building codes up to speed on the safest most efficient local designs, train and certify trades people in how to best install and construct everything ( smart micro-grids, energy storage, gray water systems, passive solar window boxes etc..) and get the best ideas into the market and to the people most efficiently.

So there's the idea, and here's why it isn't happening... Well besides the obvious reason. Money. I.e. passive energy doesn't make big energy money. 

If I had a shit ton of money, I'd have a company that designed systems for small houses. I looked for our house, multiple times for more than one place we lived over the years. So far, I've only found estate sized systems on the market and even those were in parts. The solar tubes sold separately from the tank system etc... 

A passive energy revolution would create a lot of jobs. It's also so expensive to design and maintain custom systems, very few are able to do it. 

The garbage industry plus septic engineering job isn't something many people want to spend their lives "processing". Picking up tanks of effluent and bins of byproducts, checking filters and catalytic converters, not glorious work unless you have an 'unsung hero' complex. 

Also, gas lines, tanks, and energy generating systems require space that is separate from living space, both to maintain air quality in the living spaces and for a contained blast wall for normal combustion chambers and accidents.

Onwards ☮ + 💚

P.s. I ended this on a low note because this is 'expulsion of the fool' - not a How-To blog. If you have a company making any part of this passive/renewable energy system for small homes, in the US, I'd love to hear from you. Even just a tweet at @Uva_Be would be super.

Doodle for January 17, 2018.

I can not even convince some of my most beloved friends to stop buying plastic bottles. This is either my third or fourth blog post on the topic of throwaway beverage containers and I confess to complete environmental duh-fatigue, so I'm just tacking BYOM onto the blog post from yesterday.

2. BYOM (Bring your own mug) water bottle or thermos.

Instead of a soda machine, a small commuter cafe would be nice. Or even a corner store with a hand washing sink or a small beverage container cleaning station and a rack of new beverage containers beside soda fountains, juice bars, coffee stations etc… Not only to stop the obvious pile of use once and throw away beverage containers but stop the fuel used to transport water.

Water is heavy at a pint per pound, for miles and miles, to then be stored in plastic bottles in large glass door refrigerators running 24/7.

How is our use-once throw-away plastic-culture not the very definition of social insanity?

Just google BYOM or plastic trash or plastic gyers in every ocean on planet earth!

Okay as for a solution to bad water. The most affordable house or small business sized water filters are those sold for commercial ice machines.

Also, there are some nice counter top models. I know, nothing worthwhile is cheap, and it takes a little effort on your part. To make your own damn cup of filtered water or tea/coffee. But, please people, for you and me and all the fishes in the sea. BYOM is a good place to start making a difference.

P.s. I feel really bad, guilty even for the increasing number of communities who have water poisoned by fracking or lead and other chemicals. I write this, in the hopes that good water filter systems and cup washing stations will be installed in all schools and neighborhood markets, especially those with contaminated water.

BYOM this is about plastic trash and if you have good water at home or work please appreciate it. Thanks

January 14, 2018

brains on emotional rollercoaster

Doodle for Jan 15, 2018
Mind's eye view of me from above.

Okay? I've decided I like the digital doodles for this project. Er... daily expulsion, whatever I'm doing. Also, I'm going to post 7 doodles in one weekly post, and I'll put my favorite doodles on top and push the less liked scribbles down the page. Unless I change my mind of course. Eh, whatever.

Doodle for Jan 14, 2018

Yep. Brain chemicals, heart rate, time of day, plus stuff going on in the world and how successful we are in ignoring/reacting to it all.

So? That day after I state that I'm going to add 7 doodles to one weekly post, I draft up two of my environmental episodes and then return to the emotional self-portraits. Yep. Here ya go.

Doodle for January 18th, 2018
Today is Friday. Yesterday night, hubby and I, we skipped a day and decided Thursday was Friday. I was digging through some boxes looking for a glue-brush for bookbinding, and found a couple bottles of wine left over from Thanksgiving. We only opened one of them, but that was enough to throw us off task for the evening. 

The good news is, no news. Because of a mistake made by the New York Times help department, my newspaper subscription got canceled. Instead of reading the news on the toilet. (Yes, I've been reading the shit the US call news lately, on the "pot"). This morning I opened an Arts & Culture app. I've been alternating between art by the dead i.e. history, and ello. They have a pretty damn good blog. https://ello.co/elloblog full of art from around the globe, but mostly from NY (therefore everywhere). I've been cross-posting my #drawfool #doodles via ello. https://ello.co/uva-be . See :)

Jan. 19, 2018

January 7, 2018

2018 ready or not, we're here

Doodle for January 7, 2018.

Things that divide us. #doodle #drawfool

a thing. Jan 8,2018

Chores and errands. Jan 9, 2018. Last night I couldn't sleep because I figured out how to "save the world", today, I cleaned the kitchen and went grocery shopping. 

Jan 10, 2018. I had some ideas for titles while doodling this, but the truth is I don't like it enough to even sign it. It's just a doodle that I hope doesn't look like the Window's logo :( as I got my colors reversed. Yep, what do ya know, dyslexia is actually good for something.

Doodle for Thursday, Jan 11, 2018.

scribble "plan" for the tower of babble

Quote of no accountability "blah, blah... f***-it, we'll figure it out as we go". 

I know I’m a complete and total idiot when it comes to social networking + my rights of publicity and privacy and my personal digital biodata (face recognition, location patterns, purchase habits, etc…). 

Google must totally hate me. I imagine I’m on a list of people who, like me regularly complain about our rights versus their bottom dollar.

I try and fail over and over to rationalize why being tracked everywhere I go, and for everything I buy bothers me so much. Do I buy too much beer? Yes, I imagine I do buy way more beer than the average person. Do I really care? …. I pause and think about it for a bit.

No, my hang-up over personal biodata isn’t about drinking an embarrassing quantity of beer. 

I’ve been pondering this for a while now and I haven’t resolved a single angle of this equation. It remains this amorphous tangle. Physical characteristic discrimination as the new racism. The digital divide multiplied by the solar system scale of the income inequality gap. I should feel comfortable with the rest of the negative thousandaires. They map the world for free and we pay them by telling them where to buy the best beer. I see you are at a pub again, would you answer some questions and help our map app compete. I should just, click ‘yes’ thirteen times and drink my damn beer and shut up.
But, I can’t drink beer all the time. I wrote a fictional character who is somewhat immortal and he drinks beer all the time. But, I can’t physically do that. I don’t have the spare “change” or the extra liver.
So? I’m not going to drink beer tonight after work. I’m just going to do normal stuff, like eat a somewhat healthy dinner and maybe play some video game. Build a tower of babble for digital sheep. Whatever. Money wins, again. And the AIs will still be crawling long after I’m gone, so who gives a…. 

"Hi." Doodle for Jan 12, 2018.

Jan 13, 2018. Lately, been debating if I like the doodles I do via the very simple Google app on my Chromebook or drawing on paper with this set of ink pens I got as a gift.

January 6, 2018

3. ways to not be afraid to unfollow Trump

If you are on twitter, don't be afraid to unfollow Trump i.e. POTUS (President Of The United States) since the Nov. 2016 election/Jan. 2017 inauguration.

1. Watch-list and unfollow. Add him and those you wish to keep a watchful eye on to a Twitter list. 

Important, add them to a list via the row of dot-buttons to the right of their profile -- but please do not follow them.

Click on your profile, then click on that list. You can then read the stream of tweets when you feel like it and ignore or block them the rest of the time.

2. If you feel the urge to RT Trump take a screenshot of the tweet instead. 
The cropped tweet can then be safely tweeted via adding the image to your tweet, without mentioning him in a direct RT that counts for stroking his ego.

example of a screenshot of a tweet from 2012

3. Don't use his actual tweet handles in your tweets about Trump (he has two of them). One is the @real.... tweet handle shown in the above pic. The other, he stole @POTUS  

Instead of reply or mention, refer to him as 45, #Trump or something else we will all get in context, but he won't get an ego stroke for in his Twitter stats. The orange one with tiny hands craves attention until we impeach him or he resigns, we the people need to hurt him in the button that is his ego. 

P.s.  ☮ + 💚 If you are one of the millions of followers who was following Obama as @POTUS please make sure you aren't still accidentally following Trump as POTUS.

Also, a large unverified percentage of Trump's Twitter followers are bots. Please ask Twitter to remove fake accounts and bots from the conversation.

wish I was a tree

I recognize it's a bad time to wish to be a tree. I don't mean winter. So many trees are burning. Other tropical trees and shrubs, having never experienced ice are being frozen, buried under the weight of snow and broken. Around the globe drought and flooding is moving in never recorded biome confusing patterns significant enough to weaken entire forests, leaving trees vulnerable to pestilence and disease. 

All this doesn’t change my wish. Because I find psychology amusing, I looked for a dissociative disorder to classify my persistent dream. The closest I found was far, Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder (DDPD). It seems some folks wish they were animals? I didn’t find anything about trees.

Trees look at time differently. Each turn of the planet is a single breath. They exhale as the wave of daylight passes over them, and inhale with the turn of the planet away from the sun. Critters flit by like dust particles. They breathe and reach and pray, their dance music is the wind and clouds. Lightning strikes very quickly. The most difficult part of being a tree might be knowing how other trees around you decay or fall tangled in the dance. But, to know their lives purpose, without doubt, seems the very definition of nirvana. I still wish.

January 4, 2018

Many things

Jan 5 2018 
Just another #doodle for this #drawfool thing I'm doing.

Normal, human, trying logic, seeking belief betrayed, battling doubt, sadness numbed, anger soup.

Got more than a couple lists. I look out the window, up at the sky. Time to work. On what? What's worthwhile adrift on the sea of words? Don't ask the why demon. The why demon slithers endlessly, there are no answers to the knowledge it grants, only more questions. That fruit is shit, for a long time now, eons ago, thousands of lifetimes before me and mercy only knows how many lives after this space-time. A speck on the globe. A flicker, the tiny bird, not the energy that warms my body's blood. My thoughts like incoherent fuzz, rumination grooves fragmented like glass diatoms in sand.

December 29, 2017

just #drawfool

2018 one voice with many. "They" say bad people have brainwashed us, ruined the country, are ruining the world for all of us. What happens if the meek and the peaceful, seekers of truth and happiness, we the people. What happens if we all think for ourselves? Love from a safe distance without wish to trespass. Not romantic love, but storge and philia.

Philia; usually translated as "friendship" or affection, a mutual type of love shared by lifelong friends, fellow-soldiers and familiars. It’s not about God, because we are not equals with God. But, could be a type of love given by a craftsperson to a loyal customer, if the customer “loves” via returning loyalty to the craftsperson. No belief in anything required, just be you.

Inner sunshine -- just draw fool.

Storge what is that silly human going on about?

Doesn't matter, people don't read blogs anymore. I am free to be too honest. No comments, no RT, or "likes". Well, one like on a doodle, from a kind friend.

Expulsion is not a meme. Just getting stuff out of recursion from wearing a groove in the back of my mind, so I can move forward to other thoughts. 

Perfect amount of hangover for the first day of 2018.

Jan 2nd, 2018
No excuse, I know, but I drew this too much yellow thing #doodle, in the dark.
Jan 3rd, 2018
This was my 4th doodle try today, so I just went with it. 

December 22, 2017

It's that time of year again

Yes. No I am not going to talk about the 'Hole-A-daze'. Fierce Mountain, Dec 22nd, 2017.

Tho, I am cute in this drawing, unlike Santa I am looking over all of you. Do I care? Nope. I am here.

Hi ya'll happy 24th :) 
and 25th too.

Orange you just ice skate juggling? "This" is how I "feel" about Christmas. What's my point? = Exactly.

This is how I sometimes feel "talking" with strangers on the interwebs.

getting close to 2018, it's Dec 28th, 2017

December 18, 2017

battle for my attention - ceramic art versus clean inside art and writing stuff

Folded in-between pages of other doodles, some from my doodle-a-day expulsion-of-the-fool goal, and other scribble drafts of the main project I am currently working on, I have been designing ceramic art again. These “plans” include how I’m going to fire this new series of pieces, how I want to texture the surfaces and colors for glazes I haven’t mixed up yet, much less tested. It’s sad because I’m so close to being able to start working in my first-ever very-own clay-studio and also so far away from being in there doing that.

The guilt monster is like. “If that’s what you really want to do with your time, you’d be out there in that cold damp vermin-infested rickety box doing it. Nothing would stop you if that’s really what you want/who you are, so don’t feel sad, just do the thing.”

The rational part of my brain just glares at the guilt monster with a cold dead hatred like the stare from the scuffed-dull plastic-eyes of an old stuffed-animal that has taken years of abuse. In a way this is actual, I’m in a giant fuzzy housecoat and fuzzy slipper boots with plush winter pj’s on, all black with my plastic glasses and matted curly hair that needs a wash, again. I am rather like a human stuffed in a furry costume. It’s 40 something and dropping what do I expect this far North in December, of course with climate change it’s not as cold as it should be, but dude has as it been raining. It leaks in there. I’m not budging from my fuzzy wrappings for clay today. This is the conclusion I draw, but then, I keep thinking about my layers of wool and fake-silk hiker’s underwear, In a pile under my icky-clay-sweater and work-jumper. I might go out there and drag a few 50 lb bags and boxes of clay around. Then I think about the wedging table I haven’t built yet. Damn-it, need so much heavy stuff to make ceramic art. I could set up for tiles, but things are not ready to dry a kiln load of art. They would explode just like the several kiln loads of tiles did before I started fire drying them. I don’t have fuel and time enough to waste fighting the weather to get things dry enough to not explode. I take a deep breath, turn the page and shift my focus.

December 17, 2017

new blue is green

I'm messing with the light, and not turning on any lights. I know better. The camera always tells what the mind chooses to ignore and it is so grey in the Pacific Northwest it's green-blue. If you have a mood disorder affected by light, don't move here. Common knowledge, but true.
a grey town near a bay under a mountain in the rain 12-17-2017

December 13, 2017

www the interwebs belong to me and you

When the automobile was invented four engineers spread thousands of miles apart without any connection to each other designed a vehicle at the same time.

The real reason why Net Neutrality was voted down, past the obvious "money" and "power" is because many, many people spread across the world are sharing ideas. We the people of the world, not just the "police" of the world, the USA, but, we billions together are unstoppable. Instead of war, this time, the revolution could be passive and this ideal of a Star Treck like global economy with copy-left environmental patent sharing. "They" could lose control and we, the meek could rule the world. I am praying to a force without limitations and definition for our thousand years of world peace "they" can never profit from. I am praying for global economic leveling and a digital renaissance. For the hands working creative jobs robots can never do. For an end to the "new" racism of physical characteristic discrimination. For a planet saved from worthless greed by a selfless environmental shift of global consciousness. A megalomaniacal daydream for good.

☮ + 💚 Be

Thoughts in the air and why "they" voted down Net Neutrality.

Here's to all the voices of the "little" people on the interwebs.  ☮ + 💚 + www +

December 12, 2017

not going to wait for aught 18

Had this idea, while expelling 50k of word-vomit this Nov 017 to expel my nonsense for a year or so, get it out of my system, to help transition towards either art or fiction or my hope for a marriage of both.

world munching marble finder skull-crushing box of all boxes, 
just my brand of intergalactic alligator meets TV AI, + just-in-time for X-mas. 

Dec 14th - 7th, 2017

12/7/17 pages set out for planning, ready set go!

September 7, 2017

to escape from reality

A strange child (who was me) drew these.
Then, I wrote a lot to escape from a world zooming in too fast, like the car crash that is transitioning from being a child, to being an adult. Not that the actual being an adult happens suddenly, just that life/reality happens and starts taking bites from you, as anyone with any "life experiences" knows.

Lately, I've been trying to retreat again. 55% voted? 45% didn't or were not able to vote. Less than 26% of total possible voters, voted for the racist misogynistic egotistical son of a millionaire and still, months later, I can't, I don't believe those numbers are real. 53% of women?! I can not rationalize that brainwashing is non-reversible. I can not stomach the complete failure of our entire election system. There should have only been suitable candidates on the ballot. Someone who betrays almost everything America stands for should never have been vetted by the Republican party. On and on, in waves of alternating nausea and anger, that just, will, not, stop. 

I need to escape now, more than ever. To state that I'm struggling to let go of "reality" ... blerg. I haven't posted anything since July 5th, 2016. I needed to post something, just to post something, so I am, doing that. This is a buffer. A bit of padding written by someone who recently got many cases of old manuscripts, journals, drawings and other things I had forgotten about years ago, out of storage and just dumped most of it onto piles on the floor. I could take a photo, but it's embarrassing mid sort, feels very naked. Anyhow, if anyone wondered. I hope you all are okay out there in your world. Things are happening one pile at a time around here. Also, I am working on stuff. 

To be continued... 

July 5, 2016

A question for all for the Bernie or Bust people

First, for all for the Bernie or Bust people, I voted for Bernie in the Primary. I also voted for Obama in the 2008 primary. I’m a person who votes on the issues after much research. Why am I writing this? Because like 51% of the American population I was born female and I’m sick and tired of our misogynistic country.

 Okay America, you know how Donald T. keeps saying. “It doesn’t matter what I do. People just like me.” etc… etc… in many variations, including one catchy version that involves shooting people in a public street in NY.

Conversely it doesn’t matter how much Hillary Rodham-Clinton does right. How she has fought for children and families for her entire adult life. It doesn’t matter how intelligent and tough she is. It doesn’t matter how much international on the job experience she has. Because she is a woman who chose to make politics her career. i.e. a woman in power = people hate her.

You don’t believe me? Okay. Let’s take the e-mail scandal. Hillary C. accepts a position as Secretary of State after losing a hard fought campaign to Barak O. She goes to her staff and seeks advise on how to best do her job. Someone advised the Clinton’s that US government e-mails are being targeted by hackers and recommends someone in the tech industry to set up a private e-mail server. I have no doubt that who ever this computer tech was, he or she set up many private e-mail servers including some for more than one high ranking US government official, because you don’t get to set up a private server for the Clinton’s without being very good at your job and being highly recommended. Also to this tech person’s credit they did a good job. Why? It’s simple. Did the Clinton’s private server get hacked? No, it did not. How do we know this? Because, we know she had to submit all the data on that server to the investigation. That’s it. End of story.

Hillary C. is not a computer tech. She had to ask one of her staffers for help to set up her iPad. This is not joke, look it up for yourself. Like her or not, Hillary C’s genius is and always has been as a politician. As relates to her "lies" and the FBI investigation. I'm as confounded as the next person. Occam's razor, the simplest answer is probably the correct one. I.e. remember how she asked, "Where Bernie Sander's was on her early attempts at health care reform?"... and he was standing right behind her, and she even publicly thanked him then for his support, and then forgot years later? Well, the simplest answer is again, she sought advice and said what she thought was correct, and hasn't got a clue how many devices were handed to her, because she was reading the content of the e-mails, doing her job, not paying any attention at all to if the device handed to her was the same phone or not. As for Bernie S. standing right behind her? I still think we should unite the Democrats by putting both Bernie and Hillary on one ticket. One as POTUS and one as VEEP, just like the original constitution mandated. But, where was I? The topic was America's disrespect for women, taken out on Hillary C. not who I believe should be on the Democratic ticket.

 I could go on about pantsuits, but that was last election. We’ve all heard Donald T. yelling at the top of his lungs about how Hillary C. yells and speaks too loud (as a woman). Did you catch the irony there? Many of us have glanced at the statistics in that Harvard study on media bias in the 2016 primary. I look at the chart about the tone of coverage Hillary C. versus Bernie S. and it doesn’t surprise me at all. It depresses the hell out of me, and like I confessed in the first line, you know who I voted for in the primary. Don’t believe the media bias was misogynistic just by the comments alone; look at the numbers.

I don’t know what else to say? I guess if you have read this far you already know everything I mentioned and more that we all don’t have time for. Problem is, we are running out of time. Without any hesitation what the world needs more of is women in power. So, please take a minute before you vote and ask yourself, why you are voting for the person you are voting for?

  The future thanks you.

June 20, 2016

Congress humbly acknowledges responsibility for the lowest approval rating in American history

Congress formally apologizes from the bottom of their hearts, for not only the lowest approval rating in US history 10% in Nov. 2013, but the longest sustained duration of years with an approval rating below 33% from the 113th to the current 115th congress.

Sorry, also for a record number of blocked nominees coupled with more often than not mind-numbingly stupid indecision derailing needed legislation. As well as willful inaction in completing budgets, including a complete shutdown that cost taxpayers billions.

There are too many examples of recent government fails to list here, so to stay positive, a secret joint committee has compiled a list of reparations and an action list.

Begin hearings to fill vacant supreme court justice seat, ...yesterday. 

No nonsense gun legislation, stat!

Create jobs by rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure by up-cycling it with modern trains and transportation systems.

Create passive energy and renewable energy jobs to meet the global challenges caused by climate change.

Invest in education, not war or corporate oil tax loopholes.

Revenue generation via expanding Park Ranger jobs, working in cooperation with state and local parks to build a network of bike and hiking path across the nation, connecting National Parks.

Election reform, and modernization of US voting system via a new USPS digital branch that would also to replace antiquated paper junk mail.

Also with contemporary corporate accounting software and computer systems out-pacing antiquated government payroll and accounting, especially as relates to the military and veteran affairs. With unemployment of veterans still too high. The best private accounting firms will compete to win the job of training a small army of unemployed to update the entire military payroll and VA records systems.

Same goes for our fragmented and inefficient medical records. Where administration costs have tripled.

Lastly as a token of goodwill as well as scape goat, we here by begin the proceedings to impeach a few of our most obstinate politicians starting with Mitch McConnell for his role in obstruction of government and Ted Cruz for his role in the government shutdown.

If we all work hard to fulfill our obligations to serve the American people, this could be the most exciting time to be in politics since the US constitution was ratified.

Transcript from an over ambitious and still hopeful congressional intern, who wishes to remain anonymous.

"USA! USA!“ whispered the intern, with a couple fist bumps before hurrying away from our recorder.

June 19, 2016

Two continent wide lawn mowing ban

The Americas: North America, Canada and South America unanimously agreed yesterday to cease the practice of mowing private and public lawns for non sporting use. Only, soccer / football fields, golf courses, baseball diamonds and other athletic grass fields will be maintained by mowing, effective immediately.

Native Georgia grass, planted in Atlanta, USA along the 'belt-line' walk / bike path.

It was a trifecta of reasons: water, pollution and habitat, but all from the same source, climate change. “Stopping lawn mowing is one way we could take a bite out of climate change, without adding any expensive infrastructure.” A spokesperson from the American committee to protect vital pollinators, cheerfully reported.

Removing lawns from the equation saves water, especially those lawns grown in climate areas that require a sprinkler system to grow and stay green. 

2. Pollution. If we all stop lawn mowing (and machine-powered weed-whacking, and edging etc...), it cuts an unnecessary use of non-renewable energy i.e. gas and electricity (plus batteries), fertilisers and weed killers that leach into our soil and water systems and lastly, stopping use of lawn maintenance machines cuts one of the main sources of neighborhood noise pollution. 

3. Habitat. Grass as a monoculture is not a good base for disappearing natural habitat for bees, native plants, birds and all creatures above and below the topsoil. Lawns as they are being used now, as some sort of machine maintained outside carpet, simply do not belong in nature.” Imagine instead of lawns, small yard shaped fields of wildflowers, clover or native climate region appropriate ground cover plants. 

Flowers planted beside a sidewalk in San Francisco, CA
This is a vital first step, and we are hopeful that other countries will follow the Americas example, replacing mowed lawns with native plants, ground cover, and gardens.  

P.s. Leaf blowers were last month. If you still own a leaf blower turn it in, to a machine upcycling location near you.

February 23, 2016

closet full of unedited drafts

lost tale direction 

story a mirage of words 

 too far to return 



Um.... why did I write that, ... haiku?  Back in February, this year of 2016? The simple reason is, 'I was lost'. 

 Today, June 19th, summer of this same year, I've decided to be found for a while. I'm tired of being lost. It's not that I've figured out where I'm going to. It's just, I'm here now, so I'm going to try being where I'm at, where ever "here" happens to be. 


 By the way for those of you who wonder about #haiku, it's fun. 
 Here are the rules as I understand them.

Write a poem with three lines. The first line is 5 syllables. The second line with 7 syllables and the third line with 5 syllables, again. The goal of a haiku is to express an idea or a feeling in this short sound shape of words. 

Be careful to not write one line, or one sentence and divide it at 5/7/5. It may look like a haiku, but it isn't a poem unless each line of words can stand on it's own as a sound phrase. I only mention this because I see a lot of haiku on twitter written like a broken sentence, not that I am correct and an authority on this, but if you read them too, you'll know what I mean.  



January 27, 2015

divided time

Been, "playing" with the idea of making graphics, in-between multiple other life distractions.
A couple other graphic projects are in progress. This one ? feels about 1/5th of the way towards version 1.
It's an odd size so that I can work on it and see what I'm doing. Currently, it needs in-between animation frames, sound and the logo text layer is missing.
Also, I haven't shrunk it down to a nice small logo size yet. The size posted on this blog, it courtesy of the Blogger up-loader. 

December 5, 2014

Looking forward to 2015 goals.

The last few months, I’ve been roughing out an idea for my 2015 art goal. Since our last move, I’ve not had a studio to work in. Studio or not, I need to make art and the media I have at hand is digital art. I’ve resisted digital art in general because I consider myself to be stylistically nearly the opposite of a graphic artist. Posted 17 second doodle animation example below is the type of "stuff" that just happens with out a plan or honed graphic artist "skills". 

But, lately I realize my standards for what digital art is has been based on graphic art from past decades. Also, digital art, and computer screens to view art on has come a long way since 1991. So? while I continue to write / revise my fiction, I’ve drafted up a 2015 computer art goal. 

Learning by doing to better understand what digital art is and improve my skills. I'm posting today to hold myself publically accountable to this goal.

2015 computer art goal — 50/52

50 digital art projects, one per week, (-2 weeks vacation ) with a social networking publicity component.

P.s. don’t worry it’s not going to be a 365 post every day of the year art goal like 2010 or a page / post a day like 2011. 

Also the strange even to me 2012 ‘M’ project, I’m not worried about it, I’m moving forward.

2013? — Was a year of clay for me. See: art blogs if you like Narrative Notes or portfolio page, www.uvabe.com .  (also something for me to work on, consolidating all blogs into one blog with a time-line. We shall see how that goes :)

2014? Was a writing / revising year, and also why I know I miss art terribly and plan to both write fiction and make art in 2015.

Note I wrote in October, 2014.

In transition again. 

If a person happened to wonder. Yes, I’m still writing. The unedited daily posts require revision. In 2014 I have been revising the 2011 story.

I so very much want to post something here. 

Like everybody else, must find that elusive empirical what? When I figure it all out, I’ll be sure to let it be known, tweet about it even, etc... 

Until then, ☮ + be grand ya’ll.

May 3, 2014

derivative post 1.

Today's post here May 3, 2014, is a starting point for 1 of 100 tables for 1,000,000 or

 art derivative slip project. 

The art work in progress for the slips is documented on inkclay.

10 x 10 = 100 boxes. (divided into 4, 5 x 5 tables per post) 

100 table boxes x 100 bundles of art derivative slips = 10,000. 

10,000 x 100 table posts = 1,000,000. 

As of Nov. 1, 2013 I had signed and cut 7,185 art derivative slips.

By Jan. 19, 2014 I had stopped signing and numbering the art derivative slips, but painted and cut down most of the art, easily more than 10k worth of slips.

At this date I do not know how far I will get to completing this piece, therefore thought this project suitable to be posted on the 'Ode to impossible blog'. 

Also it is my intention to publish my writing elsewhere as I no longer view the task of novel writing as "impossible". 

table 6/400
numbered art derivative slips starting at 600,000.  
stack 600,000 — 601,000. ( minus slip 600,002 )
 600,000 — 600,100 (minus 600,002.)
600,101 — 600,200.
600,201 — 600,300.
600,301 — 600,400.
 600,401 — 600,500.
600,501 — 600,600.
600,601 — 600,700.
600,701 — 600,800.
600,801 — 600,900.
600,901 — 601,000.
601,001 — 601,100.
601,101 — 601,200.
601,201 — 601,300.
601,301 — 601,400.
601,401 — 601,500.
601,501 — 601,600.
601,601 — 601,700.
601,701— 601,800.
601,801 —601,900.