February 20, 2018

Trade-in discouraged for angry and do something

#drawfool doodle for Feb. 20, 2018.
House plants = carbon sequestration... even spider plants.

Pep talks and pleas for donations abound, I'm not very interested in either of those. Positive energy as ignorance for bliss, and throwing money as a solution for guilt absolution. Not too keen on those lies either. Recognising people all around me are taking action and figuring out how I can join in, even in little ways, day to day, is the best placement of my anger I've found so far.

In case you wondered, I don't have a spider plant. I have a few pots of aloe, and a tropical pine tree in a bucket as a year-round houseplant and stand-in for a cut Christmas tree. I also have some test patches of miniature clover. It turns out this far North in Washington state our climate is too harsh for mini-clover. Regular clover is dwarfed by the weather around my house. Interestingly my test patch of chamomile did better than the clover. So, I traded my bag of clover with someone further South, for a bigger hardier seed and plan to plant that as soon as the ground stops being crunchy. It's below freezing in February today. I also have collected quite a few wildflower seeds, they also get dwarfed around my house, but the plants are beautiful even when less than 1/4 of the size of the same plants in the garden the seeds came from. I write this not to brag, but to cheer myself up. Feb. cold is getting to me. The increased sunshine on clear sunny days is very helpful, but not a single flower sprout tells me it's not spring yet. I'll go take a walk, get some fresh air and look again. More than gardening, I am looking forward to my art studio thawing out.

Profound conclusions? Nope. ... well okay if you read this far I should give up something. I woke up and searched for evidence to indicate if people are interested in climate change. I didn't look at surveys. Only 12 to 13% of people feel compelled to fill out surveys. I didn't look at polls or worse, data collected by the lamestream news media. The statistics on polls are in, and scientists calculated that big money has tainted public opinion on the topic of climate change by 21 to 37% percent against believing humans and the GHG (greenhouse gases) we generate are contributing to global warming. Yes, dear brainwashed masses, on average it's a fact, world temperatures measured all year, all and around the world and then totaled together into an average, it is global warming, not climate change. Even in the lower 48, USA.

Thanks, Obama era EPA to 2016, for the data.
Okay, where was I? Oh yeah. Don't get discouraged, get angry and do something. We all did this together, and it's gonna take all of us, in every wedge of possibility. Each person, doing little things, here and there, every day to keep the planet survivable for all living things, including humans of course. ...yep. I said, yep because I bore myself. Don't even know how many times I've had this cycle of recursive thought. Okay, enough expulsion for today, back to doing stuff I go.

February 19, 2018

doodes_tuff --

Doodle Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018.
Doodle Monday, Feb. 19, 2018.
I took a three day weekend. Today is Monday, President's day.

Didn't post anything on Saturday, Feb. 17th. 

Maybe this post will be for keeping track of days I miss. 364 and counting.
...don't know yet.

February 12, 2018

Apathy versus Monsters

#drawfool Feb. 16, 2018.
Yesterday's doodle 365 was a red triangle devil, today it's a blue kitty of doom. I was pondering happiness for no particular reason like depression or chronic grumpiness, these chemical states, don't just "happen" and no pill is gonna fix them. It's true on the grander scale of things life is suffering, but while it's also true that if you smile at someone, you may make them feel a smile, and "making someone smile" may be superficially reason enough to smile. Smiling while suffering miserably is not the purpose of smiling.

These are the types of ponderings the blue kitty of doom is all about. Kitty knows everything is not fine. Kitty is judging you all. Doom, doom, doom, relentless purrs it's fuzzy blue heart. No questions = no answers. No conflict = no story. No contrast = no art. A soft blue-gray hum, droning on and on, like a mysterious machine noise, electric-metallic-whirring in-the-background, slowly driving you batty.

Drawfool doodle for Feb. 15, 2018. What will I do when I get to the end of my list? I imagine I'll be "free" to daydream about more frivolous less functional stuff.

So, to that end, I keep going. Weighing-in with the collective digital consciousness of the information age, one more vote to save-the-world survival of our planet valued over profit for the few.

Daydream number 18/50. Modernize our entire cargo transportation system. US transportation infrastructure is in dire need of a complete upgrade away from crude oil. 

Daydream 9. Has to do with roads. Daydream 8 parking lots. This daydream is focussed on hauling goods and people long distances. US railroads with fast-rail or “tubes” to replace commuter jets, and safer more efficient tracks and rail systems for cargo trains to meet up with teamsters and drivers of local hauling trucks and public transit vehicles. Why have people involved in this work? I believe we will always need ears and eyes on the ground to keep the machines running especially where the goods and people meet.

Yep, I know I'm not doodling trucks and trains. Why? I can't stand them. Truck brakes and trains honking and screeching in the night, always wake me up. Always, I seem to never get used to them, I just don't sleep well when those things are running nearby. That's the other reason I want our transportation system upgraded. I imagine it might be quieter for residential areas.

Doodle/#drawfool for 2/14/2018.

The next daydream on my list, number 17/50, about how-to-save-the-world -- sustainable harvesting of fish and shellfish in tandem with habitat restoration. 

There are lists of what seafood is best to eat, what is endangered and what kind of fish are most toxic, i.e. if you are a cancer survivor, or pregnant. Once again, I'm a moderate, but many folks would mistake me for a liberal. I want very much to clean up the oceans, rivers, and streams. Restore and protect habitat. This is happening here and there, but... it's a problem as big as our Earth's oceans. Water and all the creatures that thrive in water, fresh or salty need our help and we need them. 

One way to do this is with careful management of fish runs, and shellfish farms, and this is happening, in some places. While we give nature a break we eat other seafood farmed in isolated tanks, but not salmon or species that can or want to escape. I don't assume we can raise a school of giant tuna in any tank. We have to eat the species that don't mind being raised in a pond or tank kept far away from mixing with rivers or oceans. Why not have canned tilapia replace canned tuna? No, it doesn't taste the same. It's probably better prepared with salsa instead of pickles and mayonnaise. Also, we can learn to eat problem species for a while, until they become less of a problem and restore whatever ecosystem they were chewing their way through. I say this, knowing it's complicated. Fish are perishable, I don't think tilapia sushi or catfish sushi is a good idea at all. So if you are going to market something, you need a good distribution plan.  And to top it all the Earths oceans are rising and we have a trash plastic problem. With the ratio of fish decreasing and the ratio of plastic in the ocean increasing. ... big sigh. Okay, this isn't a lecture by a Ph.D. in marine biology you are reading here, this is 'expulsion-of-the-fool'. I enjoy seafood, and would love to see native trout, rockfish, and other populations of everything that lives in our plant's water from frogs to catfish thrive. Therefore I daydream about how to save these creatures, and I assume I am one of many millions of people sharing very similar daydreams. It's Valentine's day, the fish is a metaphor symbol of the soul, not the heart, but -- from one heart and soul to the many daydreamers out there. Happy Valentine's day. 

#drawfool #doodle for Feb. 13, 2018.
hunting robot inspired by these
Yeah, I know, this is a terrible daydream that could go wrong in so many ways, I wasn't going to keep going down my list. But, then I drempt up some hunting robots.

Daydream number 16/50. Is about eating meat with lower cost to the planet than factory farmed pork or beef. 

Animals that are not grain fed create less methane because farts are all about sugar and those macrobiotic critters in guts having a party via sugar are the fart makers.

Grass-fed beef is leaner than corn-fed beef. Bison is leaner than cows. Deer and goats are better for the planet than bison. Most birds are lighter and easier on the planet than deer. Less water, less land used. Tho, how the animal is fed, where it lives. I'll leave the number crunching to folks actually doing the numbers.

Lately, I've been craving peanut butter cookies. Meat, often totally grosses me out. Disembodied chunks of flesh on "those" trays, wrapped in saran-wrap, often set on a little 'pad' to soak up the blood.... mmmm yummy.

I wasn't going to write out this idea at all, but some part of my brain thought it was funny to daydream about a hunting robot. It parks itself near where the birds or bunnies hang out. It opens up like a flower with a little dish of food. It lets the animals eat the food. You get a video message and tell the robot what critter you want. It would be really bad to get the neighbor's pet in the trap. You pull the trigger. The robot grabs the animal and cuts it's head off. Tipping up so the animal is in a cone and drains as the robot returns home to you with its catch.

Does the robot also gut it, protect it from pests as it treks home, skin it or boil and pluck feathers too? What a lot of work! More cookies for me, please.

Feb. 12, 2018. #drawfool #doodle

What is clown-paint/makeup anyways? Not what is the sticky stuff monsters are made out of, but what does it mean?

Monsters trend. Around the Bush W. era and inspired after he lost the popular vote to Al Gore, we were plagued with zombies. Bush W. would inspire wave after wave of zombies, popular en masse for twice as long as his presidency. Before W, Bill Clinton's monster problem was the werewolf. The animal side of himself that he couldn’t control only a mute part of his presidency, a benevolent monster able to work on both sides of the aisle like the dual personality of howling at the moon lycanthropy. He may be the only living president to ever balance the budget, but, Bill Clinton couldn’t stop the vampires. He made some very bad deals to get out of that pit we call government. Bush Sr. was the Vampire era, heaven only knows why he called it trickle down economics. Everybody seemed to imply it was pee, but I am afraid it was blood. The life-blood of the working class, sacrificed by Regan’s monster, a sweet-talking lying devil, a trickster whispering in his ear that he was doing ‘good’ while he shut down mental institutions and other social services. Plastic as cash was new as cassette tapes paired with the greedy interest collectors feeding off of the working class as old as stone tablets. Regan’s ‘small-business miracle’ was people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, working 70+ hours a week on their own sweat and tears without compensation. All while paying wages to other working folks against a rip-tide with a very high small-business fail rate. Bubble crunching corporate feeding frenzy, Wall Street like sharks, the big fish eating the little ones. The ‘War on Drugs’ filled prisons with incarcerated slaves and banking deregulation tossed the middle class into debt, usury slavery. The American dream drowned in record-breaking storms, several waves of monsters later during the heartache when we elected Obama. Obama’s monsters were actual men. Police shooting unarmed children. The ghost-like costumes of the KKK. The statistics of insanity in white people, from the top 1%, -to- 1 in 5 CEOs being psychopaths and depending on the study, 18 to 25% of mass shooters had a history of mental illness. Bringing us to our current evil-clown-baby. What the heck is clown paint? What is treason? Why do so many folks fear clowns? Do we laugh at clowns because they are scary? I.e. we laugh because we are frightened and we need to laugh? What are all those spooky clowns up to? The clown mocks civilized man like the Trump mocks truth, the free press, civil liberties and our constitution. It’s too soon to tell if this monster is an old man that acts like a baby or a terrible-toddler-clown trapped in an old man. What is clown paint? Really? Think about it. Where are we now? What direction do we run, and what actions do we need to take to survive this?

Carter. Yes, I am old enough to not be able to forget about him. Star Wars, E.T. to X-files. A several decade-old government conspiracy of space aliens attacked after we (my parent’s generation) scoffed at Carter when he asked people to conserve energy for our grandchildren, turn down the thermostat, wear a sweater. Trump is not the first time we have elected a celebrity to play the role of Commander in Chief. The movie star who ripped the solar panels off the White House, is slight compared to what the current reality TV star is doing to the EPA. Carter may be the history we need to learn from. He was the first president to leave office and continue work by serving people. Building homes for the poor. We have learned building habitat for humanity is a group effort. We have learned he was correct about the impending consequences of our energy dependence. Past time to clean off the clown paint of misogyny. Time for the victims to heal and for unsung heroes to put-down the monsters. Together, we the meek could rule the world, like Mothers. Kind, vigilante mothers, and fathers, big sisters, brothers and friends, the people who make a house a home and keep all the scary things away.

The apathy part? I dunno…. You go vote, not just by 'how you "feel", actually bother to read past the lies to be able to pay attention to who or whatever is on the ballot.

February 5, 2018

inside - out

Doodle Feb. 5, 2018.

Might explain later... #drawfool

.... sometime later the next day. So? Fear. Looking out through the teeth of death from the inside. Perhaps this was an exaggeration? The red eyes are only tail lights. The dark rainy zero visibility stop and go traffic, cut into by oncoming headlights might form a jagged jawline. A crash could chew up our fragile human bodies like an ambivalent monster. Except, bumper to bumper at night in the rain, even for a couple tiring hours, isn't death. I did draw this after we got out the car. We had cut over from a stop-and-go highway to another parallel highway, and on that tree-lined road, we hydroplaned in complete pitch black. The water deep enough to not be able to see the asphalt, any lines, nor the edge. That slipping zig-zag lasted only a couple seconds at most. Probably less. We didn't cross over. We didn't hit a tree or slide into a ditch. It was just another commute.

Regardless, these long tiring commutes are why I daydream about number 9 from last week. No matter how many trillions it will cost, no matter how many decades full of engineering challenges would be required to finish that paradigm shift worthy transportation redesign. I escape the fear monster and daydream how things could be better.

Captions below read:

1. Me: When I like an idea, find it clever or funny even no one responds. Only to crap or in reply about themselves. Why?

2. Plant: Did you just ask some crap about yourself and ask me to reply? ... That's why.

drawfool doodle Feb. 6, 2018.

Daydream number 12/50. Crowdsolving how-to-save-the-world with the collective intelligence. 

As any Science-Fiction fan knows, from the Star Trek TV show abomination -- The Borg, the idea of crowdsourcing could go very badly. The Borg are extremists, relentlessly attempting to assimilate everyone with any brains into “The Collective”. But, data results like how people’s attention shifts from the characters in a movie or show, when a dog is in the scene, are consistent. We’d much rather pay attention to the dog.

I thought I’d write up an idea about how crowdsolving metadata could be used to solve climate change via the wisdom of the crowd. But, then some Trump supporter started tweet-yelling at me. True confession: I’ve had better conversations with plants. After that, I got distracted by reading some science blog articles as a logical antidote to our current social insanity. 

Crowdsolve question: How are you? dear crowd to solve "everything". 

Doodle in the corner of my thought book, 2/7/18.

Sheeples are a thing, very relevant currently. 

Daydream 13/50. Goats and sheep, lama, etc... in movable fences, to clear brush and trim landscaping near paths and roads, fertilize and aerate land - instead of herbicides, controlled burns, machines and chemical fertilizers. 

This is happening. Tho it’s been my observation that people often get impatient with the pace of the animals. The goats don’t clear as fast and as sharply as the machines. The problem is the same. We live in a capital-first time-is-money “free-market” valued over life, economy. Our entire way of thinking about roads and yards, and grassy areas that are bigger than yards needs to slow-down for sheep trimmed grass to be a thing, that becomes part of our way of life. Perhaps we need to move backward in time on a few things. My grandfather lived on the family farm after everyone else had left. He very impressively tended to the farm neatly, almost by himself (he and the neighbor’s helped each other on jobs that required more than one person). Beyond the actual farming, and his giant garden and pantry full of home canned food. He had a small herd of sheep and cows. The sheep he moved from one area to the next closer to the house. The cows were in bigger areas out by the creek. I remember asking why the sheep were in the front yard. My Mom told me that sheep bite the grass, they don’t pull it up by the roots, so Grandpa will move the sheep when they are done trimming around the house. He also used to pasture the cows to clean up the apple orchard of fruit on the ground. But, cows are another story. He didn’t want them making a mess around the house, so they were always in larger fenced-in areas, farther away from the house, like the apple orchard.

Feb. 8, 2018. #drawfool #doodle

What the heck is a “moderate”, anyways?

Seems easiest to start with what a moderate is not. A moderate is not an extremist. 

If you have any view at all on a subject, then how do you know you are not an extremist? Because moderates annoy the hell out of extremists. For example, let’s take my most persistent and therefore strongest political view. I am pro-environment. Climate change is in my opinion worth fighting against. But, even my green ideals are moderate. 

For example, Greenpeace (ironic name considering some of the unpeaceful things they have done over the years). I am not an owl-first people-second environmentalist. Yep, I said owl-first. Slash and burn clear cutting is without any question heartbreaking and in my opinion next to evil. We need to modernize past destroying the entire forest from the soil up. Then take an old battle, lumber versus endangered owls(and sadly more than a couple other species). I like wildlife but believe there are sustainable techniques to harvest trees and leave old-growth habitat. It does require hard work, surveys that require miles hiking, most of it without trails plus years of planning to best determine how much to cut where and when, but for the life of the planet, our forests are worth it. Some of the better plans for harvesting trees even help to prevent forest fires. Thusly I’m a people-first environmentalist-moderate.

Same goes for food. I’m not a vegan or even a vegetarian. I’m a flexitarian. I do eat vegan sometimes and vegetarian a lot of the time. But, I’m going to roast a turkey and enjoy it with my family, thankfully. I like a good elk burger and I think a bit of fancy bacon is a great flavoring for lentil soup. Thusly dietarily I’m also a moderate. 

Food is easy, lets move to a much more touchy subject. Yoga pants/bike shorts on public transit. Someone I love yelled at me, about how women are not sex objects, we are people, and we should be able to wear whatever we want, whenever we want. We should even be able to go around naked if we want. …. Or? Something like that. Okay. My point of view is. People are mammals, therefore any human of reproductive age male, female or other, (like it or not), is actually a sex object. The sexual focus of the human animal, polite, unintentional or not, is the entire pelvic and butt-area. My thoughts about what we should wear on public transportation when we are crammed into trains, airplanes or buses. Is to look at someone who runs and jumps around a lot, and wants the focus to be on ‘the game’, professional basketball players. I think, if we are sticking our butts or pelvises in the faces of people sitting in seats, we should at least wear a garment that covers as much and as loosely as a basketball uniform. And I apologize for stating the obvious, ladies, no side-boob or camel-toe please. If it wasn’t obvious then the phrases ‘side-boob’, 'nip-slip' and ‘camel-toe’ would not be a thing. So, again, I’m not an extremist. For me, as a moderate it’s all about respect. I respect that I have no idea how repressed or not my fellow human beings are, and I want to be respected in turn as a fellow human, not as a sex object, when on public transit, i.e. when not at home or suntanning or swimming etc... I dress how I believe to be polite and respectful as much as I am able to do so. Also, if you look at it like, it's not about you, active or not, everybody of age is a sex-object and everybody wants to be respected, well it just simples things up a bit.

More than just negating anything, or passing endless useless laws and regulations, being moderate is about balance and understanding of the pros and cons of both the left and the right. Most folks tend to be conservative about some topics and liberal about other things. I believe most people want to be somewhat moderate. I know we want to respect each other rather than bicker and fight constantly. Respect requires understanding, and understanding results in common sense, and if any two words define a moderate, it’s ‘common sense’. 

#doodle for Feb. 9, 2018

Daydream number 14/50. Organic food by default shoud be - stickerless and crude oil packaging free.

This one annoys me (and a few other millions of people). Organic food should be packaged free of plastic and stickers. A sign on the bin. A paper carton for small berries etc... or paper potato tomato bag for larger produce. The bag could read organic and maybe has a list of SKU numbers printed down one side or could be blank and there is a pen on a string. But, no stickers stuck on the organic vegetables or fruit please!

Contrarily all non-organic or GM (genetically modified) foods grown with chemical pesticides should be clearly marked. The type of genetic modification color-coded and printed on the label, the sticker is red if it’s a “Round-Up” or whatever brand of pesticide bred into the plant. Yellow if it simply has tougher skin or is a plant to plant hybrid. Orange if it’s grown in pesticides but not GM, etc… Yellow and green if it’s a hybrid grown with natural pesticide-free farming techniques etc.. Remember I’m a moderate. If they genetically modified food in a safe way to be easier to grow organically, for example, that’s okay to mark is as naturally farmed, as long as there isn’t any pesticides or crude oil fertilizer products used in that farming area.

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are personal to me, not just a couple words. Do you recall my grandfather and his small farm? (a couple paragraphs up on this post). The family farm was part of a cancer cluster. My grandfather died years before old age in the radiation booth, being treated for a brain tumor. The friend on a neighboring farm who helped him on the farm, also died of cancer. My grandmother also had various tumors. My family has a BRCA1 deletion/mutation. I got breast cancer in my 20s. I don’t just buy organic because it’s trendy. I buy it because I think of all the people growing and harvesting our food and vote with my dollar every time I shop for groceries. So, when I say it annoys me that organic food has a sticker glued on it or is sold in a plastic bag, it’s not even close to the ire I feel about pesticides and chemical fertilizers not being clearly marked.

Feb. 10, 2018 #doodle #drawfool

Rat tale + daydream 15/50. Compost. -- Inspired by the giant rats I watched roam the streets in Portland in the 90s.

Once upon a time, there was a clever port city rat who knew the best alleys and gutters to scurry. It grew fat and large as a cat on slightly out-dated cream, aged meats, and crunchy bread. When it was too large for gutters it roamed the sidewalks, eventually lording over the alley behind a doughnut shop. There it raised three rat families almost as fat and big as himself in holes under the edges of hedges. Until one day when a plague-infected flea hopped by and bloated them all to a morbid bursting vector of death. Plague-infected obese rats are terrifying regardless of if it's people who spread the plague to the rats or rats that spread the plague to the people.   

All urban areas need to sort urban compost from urban garbage and recycling into smart bins that rotate and properly contain pestilence and if a bin is in a high traffic area like next to a dog park, send a signal for pick-up of a full bin tank.

Many urban areas and some suburban areas have composting bins in operation, right next to recycling. Some areas have been composting for years now. This is great, super, world-changing. Regularly collected bins rats can’t climb out of, need to be standard in all populated areas where garbage is collected. 

Composting should be the norm. Food waste should never be mixed with other "garbage". All food waste should be composted as locally as is safely possible, never hauled long distances. Urban compost turned into power/energy is not a pie-in-the-sky daydream, nor limited just to household garbage. For example, meat & bone meal MBM contains 2/3rds the energy of coal. They are already using MBM in Europe to generate electricity. The electric generator next door to meat processing/slaughter warehouses. Tho to be clear it's not about the energy produced replacing current sources. The energy would realistically only supplement the current system, not replace it. The real benefit is the savings of not having to haul smelly garbage mixed with plastic, glass etc... as well as a reduction of pests, rats, cockroaches, flies etc...

#doodle #drawfool Feb. 11, 2018.
It's Sunday. I'll let daydream number 16 rest until next week.

January 29, 2018

alternate reality daydreams

Jan. 29, 2018.

Idea number 6. Re-shippers

Reusable mailers for all shipping companies to eliminate cardboard boxes, tubes, and paper (SASE) envelopes. Shippers belong to and automatically return to the nearest sender location, USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Mac, whomever. "Rent" of shipper included in postage/shipping cost. Especially for high-cost goods like laptop computers, the reusable shipping containers will easily pay for themselves after a specific number of trips from warehouse to homes and businesses.

Plastic last “forever” why not use it for a durable product that could be easily cleaned of road grime etc… The chips-stickers we now use only once could be installed in the box and another reader-sticker could be placed on the address strap that seals the shipper. A record of the distance traveled by each shipper and weight at scanning could be both fun to see how many miles/kilometers and how many trips each re-shipper travels before it gets worn-in to a state that requires it to be up-cycled.

The cardboard we now use for shipping boxes could be better used for packaging of perishable goods, like milk cartons or ice-cream tubs etc… Because cardboard is compostable or burnable. Plastic is not.

If you wonder what these plastic crates might look like, the USPS and other companies that handle bulk sorting of mail/packages. Use tubs in mail centers all over the world right now. But, I bet everything I ever wanted and don’t have that there are a few hundred designers out there twiddling their thumbs that would be entertained for several lifetimes by designing the most efficient reusable shipper for all types of products, and I also bet some of them are already designed right now, just waiting for the world to realize they need them.

I'm just going down my list 6/50 posted on this blog so far this year, 2018.

I know this doodle/draw fool for, Jan. 30, 2018 is a completely unrealistic green roof urban landscape - it's my daydream, let me lose my mind and find peace there.

Idea number 7. No more toxic roof chemical runoff -- anywhere. 

Green roofs, solar panels and roofing gutters and drain pipe materials proven to have a positive interaction with stormwater (i.e. More base, less acid). Okay, before I get lost in the ph changes happening in the world’s oceans and the depletion of groundwater. I beg for forgiveness because this, replacing roofs is not cheap, this is a multi-billion dollar problem. Many banks will not finance solar panels, even on new construction, and green roof design requires structural design not just for the extra weight, but to safely get people up there and enjoy their new spot of green space. People aren’t motivated to install a cash cow they can’t enjoy. But, imagine it. Be crazy with me. Imagine all those miles and miles of flat rooftop houses in the Bay Area of California. People tending their grey-water-filtering-roof-edge-garden-boxes. A small pretty tree with a circular bench next to a rooftop greenhouse and miles and miles of solar panels slowly tilting to follow the sun.

I thought this daydream every day when I walked the streets of Inner Sunset San Francisco or rode the trains and stared out the window at all the houses and shops going by. I knew the reason people didn’t do it, couldn’t do a green roof/rooftop living area, was money. But, SF is the second densest population in the US after New Jersey. I know people wanted that green space away from the street.

The roof has three vectors of climate impact. The first is chemical runoff in water. The second is soaking up heat and radiating it back. The third is our buildings are taking up space on the planet that used to be part of the ecosystem. We can’t give our cities back unless we lived in subterranean dwellings with a forest or a prairie growing on top. But, we can reduce our impact, maybe even grow some wildflowers for everyone, including the bees.

P.s. in case you think I just make this crap up. Runoff chemical leaching from roofing materials has been studied for decades and they are working to improve what we install on top of our buildings.

Here's a couple images from a study done by Washington State Department of Ecology.

Speaking of toxic chemical run-off and pollution caused by cement kilns.

Doodle for Jan. 31, 2018.

Daydream number 8. No more asphalt or cement parking lots.

From city corners to small town strip-malls, wouldn’t it be great if all those square mile, after who know how many million square miles of parking lots and parking spots, were converted to flexible public green spaces with EV (electric vehicle) charging! Actual parks on the roofs at the top with planter boxes and benches to pause and take breaks or eat lunch outside sheltered from sun and rain under solar-panel roofs, tilted to collect both rain and sunshine.

In front of stores, no more curbs, I hate curbs. Instead bench-high planter-boxes on the expanded sidewalk where the parking spots used to line the streets, making extra room for carts and perhaps a seating area or two for people waiting.

Of course, pick-up/drop off spots near the entrances would be nice with handicap only parking. Everybody else uses public transit or parks in the towers.

Number nine continues where this daydream leaves the parking spot.

Daydream number 9/50. People and living creatures first, automobile second road design.

All paved roads for slower traffic under 35 miles per hour, could be designed to breathe. Light in color in most climate areas, dark only in extreme polar roads that are heated to keep them clear of ice. Roads made of pearled glass (i.e. big grains of sand) native gravel and recycled plastic (i.e. No tar, no asphalt, no cement). The entire road surface has tire groves, drainage and is designed to prevent road kills.

When a sidewalk runs along a road or crosses it, pedestrian and bike paths are separated from the tire grooves. The median has markers for self-driving cars to keep traffic in the grooves.

Around schools and urban shopping hubs, the entire drop off/pick-up areas could be textured brick/cobblestone-like a speed bumpity bump. Automatic photograph tickets of anybody speeding past children and school buses or shoppers. City center areas should be pedestrian first, automobile-second ergonomic designed safer for people than cars a.k.a. pedestrian-first spaces, with underground mass transit to parking structure hubs and burgs.

The fast roads are all underground. It doesn’t even have to be deep, it could be a tube with the top at the surface where the highway used to be. Or a tube under a city.

P.s. Fast highway tubes under cities is not my idea. Do a search for Elon Musk underground LA, tube highway designs.

I did doodle something today, but I decided to start mixing things up. This mutant gnome is a stand-in for today's #drawfool P.s. Yes, it has 8 limbs/tentacles 5 feet, two arms and a tail. Feb. 1, 2018.

I spent all morning and afternoon outlining a 5 book science fiction series that keeps burbling up in my dreams, again. No joke, the first book I started when I was 16, it's somewhere around draft 5 progress wise, tho only 3/4 written and printed out double-spaced for editing notes, in two boxes (one box with notes from a beta reader). Then a prequel happened, a novella or short book via various dreams I kept scribbling on in-between other projects in 2015. It's also mostly drafted. I have decided that if I'm going to embark on another novel series, this time it's going to be completely outlined with storyboards and maps before I get lost in the details.

Comically bad #drawfool doodle for Feb. 2, 2018. 

I wrote this idea out as a joke in a blog post last year, in 2016.

Here’s a link if you would like to read that post.

The next paragraph is a synopsis if you would rather skim the gist. Bellow the gist is my opinion of grass.

10. Replace monoculture mown and trimmed grass lawns with native grasses and other low maintenance ground cover plants.

Save water and end lawn mowing machine noise, weed whacking, edge trimming and mowing machine fuel/energy consumption and cease fertilizer/pesticide/weed killer related runoff pollution of surrounding water systems, i.e. lakes, creeks, rivers, oceans etc... Restore native habitat for birds, bees, frogs, toads, moles, field mice, and insects. Only, athletic areas for playing sports should be maintained by mowing: soccer/football fields, golf courses, baseball diamonds and other athletic fields used by many people.

As for me? I love grass. But, just like cut flowers. I love grass uncut, wild, gently changing color over the seasons, pale green and light purple, yellow, straw white, brown peeking out of the snow, the green tips of sprouting bulbs, the round or interesting pattern forbs, plant like clover that nitrogen fix the soil, and are the preferred diet of grazing sheep. Then the grass, all types, grows tall and blooms. There are more species of grass than any other type of plants on Earth. Each grass has its own grain or seed pattern. Some grow along the stem, some cluster at the top like wild oats or those tall fluffs of Pampas grass that grow all along the California coast, or the native bamboo grass, red and green that grow in South Carolina swamps. Bluegrass the plant is in its own life as musical as Bluegrass the music. As long as no one cuts it. Tallgrass dances in the rain and the wind. One of my childhood memories is wandering through a field in Oklahoma that once was prairie, following a turtle to a cattle watering hole. Real prairie is not as dense as the bounce of the tundra of Alaska. When we went to a wildlife refuge, real prairie is lumpy and uneven, several layers of grass and plants matted but it is beautiful. Like a painting, endless texture and patterns to follow. We can’t easily replicate prairie in the grass areas of our yards. Our yards are not vast enough, and there are too many plants all woven together. But, if we each learned to “paint” with a mix of a few native plants, starting around our own homes, we would change the world.

I continue this thought on my leisurely Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018.

Daydream 11/50. Plants, plants and more plants -- everywhere.

#doodle #drawfool for Feb. 3, 2018.

Gardening is the number one hobby worldwide, everyone should have access to fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. From urban hydroponics and gardening field trips to rural gardening clubs. This is happening more, in recent years. We just need to step it up, get creative. Every sunny wall should be a green wall. All courtyards should be full of plants, carefully planted, for where the plants would be happy. Office plants should be succulents and non-smelly or non-blooming plants that clean the air and don’t add pollen or allergens to the air. Alternatively grow fragile or perishable salad & herb foods in rooftop greenhouses and humidity controlled window boxes. Neighborhood gardens should be available for local populations everywhere, just like city parks and playgrounds are now. You have to get your team on the schedule for little league. Or your gardening group has an area in the dirt and a shift of yearly gardening work. Not like communism but social. Are you unemployed? This gardening group could use some help harvesting or weeding or planting spouting beds etc… You put in some hours per week and earn a basic income by helping improve everyone’s quality of life. Yeah, I said, it "basic income". There is a ton of work that needs to be done and the US has a big enough GDP to spread "it" around. Work is the opposite of the stagnation of amassed hoarded profits. Technically, no one should be unemployed or homeless and gardening work and plant care is a great place to start improving the quality of life.

Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018. I am resting and meditating on "things".

The spaces between my daydreams and my reality is an abyss of depression, full of holes/bubbles bursting or defuse with half-way solutions. An answer to one problem creating 11 or 12 more complications or at least one step forward half a step back, over and over, every day. Many of the ideals I imagine and weigh are like the road to hell, paved with good intentions. But, the source of that proverb or aphorism may be a duel between two Popes in 1150. Maybe the Serenity prayer by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, 1951 is more fitting.

God, give me the grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish one from the other.
Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

It's very nice, but I'm no Evangelical either. I think my "religion" may be art and my philosophy may be fiction, so much so that to me Serenity is the name of a spacecraft in the TV show Firefly. Even the prayer copy and pasted above, came to mind from a few lines repeated in TV show we just binge-watched.

Guilt is no motivation but in the time we live in, as the artist, Douglas Coupland Quote/art "Knowing everything turns out to be slightly boring." IMO isn't ignoring everything and expecting things to change also quite tedious?

January 22, 2018

spheres of influence

Friday the 26th, is at the end of this weekly post. Saturday the 27th is in the middle.

Thursday, January 25th, 2018.

Daydream number 4. to-save-world junk mail via the internet.

I've written quite a few posts about this one over the years. The last time I walked into our local post office, the mail person said. "If the recycling barrel is full please leave your junk mail on the counter." By the way, the counter high blue container was in fact, completely, jammed tight to the top, stuffed full.

Is a photo, (in this case a doodle) really worth 1,000 words? Okay, this is me daydreaming about a real person. My Dad was a home-health nurse when I was a teenager. He told me this story about an old person's house stacked full of years and years worth of junk mail and old newspapers.

There was a narrow path to the bed, another narrow path that went into the kitchen and the bathroom. The old person was so blind they couldn't tell the difference between the junk mail and the bills. They could no longer read the newspaper, tho sometimes another elderly person read to them, but obviously, these old people were not well enough to carry the paper junk out to the trash.

So in my daydream world, they are "reading" the newspaper, paying their bills and even clicking on "coupons" via computer and listen to a digital reader.

I have written a much longer version of this. I believe if Benjimen Franklin were alive today, he'd be aghast at the tons of junk mail we are plagued by. He was an innovative guy. He'd fight for a digital branch of the USPS and all shopping mailers and catalogs would pay for adds and listings in the USPS digital 'Yellow Pages' everyone could search via a Federal minimum required internet connection, with USPS local address pages for all current residents. And all utilities, government services, and businesses would be found easily on the official local digital map.

I even got a very nice email reply from the postmaster general. But, that was in 2010, when I still had hope that we could and would do something, change for the better. The ironic conclusion is, a lawsuit about junk mail has already gone to the supreme court.

Yep, in 1970  the United States Supreme Court ruled that an addressee of postal mail has unreviewable discretion to decide whether he wishes to receive further material from a particular sender, that vendor does not have a constitutional right to send unwanted material into someone’s home.

But, Rowan v. Post Office Dept., 397 U.S. 728 (1970) only helped with "porn" or sexual junk mail. The rest continued for millions and millions of tons of paper because. "The freedom to communicate orally and by the written word and, indeed, in every manner whatsoever, is imperative to a free and sane society."Brief for Appellants 15.

Page 397 U. S. 736 Without doubt, the public postal system is an indispensable adjunct of every civilized society, and communication is imperative to a healthy social order. But the right of every person "to be let alone" must be placed in the scales with the right of others to communicate.

And that, ladies and gentlemen of plant Earth is why we continue to bury people with junk mail.

So, where is that fix to the digital divide already?! Yep, ... statistic v. reality continue to amuse me.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018.

Blurb III. (copy & pasted from 2017 NaNoWriMo)

I have a lot of ideas about how to make the world a better place. By, a lot, I mean at least one spell of megalomaniacal daydreaming most every day, with several ideas juggled mentally per mood episode. I write some of them down, most are negated as too costly. The ones I edit and draw out are all about reducing suffering. I am not really so crazy as to imagine that I alone can save-the-world, just, help out as one mind and body working together with a ton of other folks, to reduce suffering and make the world a little bit more sustainable for future generations.

The 3rd idea to-save-the-world

3. Eliminate the digital divide and simultaneously save millions on the cost of education. (billions counting the savings resulting from adults being online). Library networked digital school textbooks, efficient on-demand publishing of workbooks, electronic grading of tests and papers, open source computers operating system (like the one laptop per child program NOT corporate brand-name computers). Open source computers children can learn to code on, in all US public schools, for every child regardless of economic status.

January 27, 2018

Saturday. I don't know what today's doodle/draw-fool is. I am not being creative, I am simply going down my list of 50 ideas to save the world.

This is idea number 5. Stop using use-once throw-away plastic bags.

We should always go reusable: shopping bags for most stuff and wide shallow baskets for delicate fresh produce and eggs (i.e items you don’t want on the bottom of the pile on your trip home), and returnable crates for heavy stuff.

This way to change the world, like organic food is happening and has been happening, one person at a time for decades.

I am bragging here. My Mom has been bringing her own bags to the grocery store since the 80s. (possibly since the late 70s but I don't remember). As a teenager, I remember standing there watching check-out baggers stuffing paper bags inside of her cloth bags. My Mom who is a very polite and succinct person, she would say things like. "I don't think that is really necessary. Save yourself some work and don't do that to the rest of the groceries." Sometimes the clerk would nod yes, and sometimes they actually talked back about being required to use the plastic bags the store used. Interestingly, this isn't happening much anymore. Tho I am surprised how may check out clerks in mall clothing stores in the 2000s are surprised when you reject their brand name plastic bags for your own well-used nylon/polyester ones. No, I don't use the heavy canvas ones. I used the colorful bags that fold up to pocket size. I've been using one bag that looks like it's made out of blue paisley windbreaker type plastic fabric since the 90s and this over 20-year-old shopping bag, comes out of the washer with the other newer cloth bags just fine.

Since plastic lasts forever, we should use it for well designed durable good that gets used "forever".

No more use once and throw away plastic bags. Not just grocery bags, all shopping bags from giant malls to tiny vendors who sell goods out of carts.

P.s. This is happening.

It's only Tuesday, but it feels more like Wednesday or possibly some sort of perpetual Thursday.

doodle for 1-23-2018
Wrinkled paper, no frame, bad lighting, crappy ink pens, one pen I tossed after it quit scribbling on this "thing" a second marker, I filled the cap with water and painted with it after it soaked. To be clear, this, what I'm doing here, isn't about art. I am sincerely attempting to expel waves of idiotic notions, swine to the swine. The worst part is I sort of like pigs, tho am honestly fearful of having one for a pet instead of a dog because many folks would love to eat the cute walking bacon. Life/diet. Off topic, I'm a flexitarian.

What am I attempting to achieve here with 'expulsion of the fool'?

Human's live in cycles of habits. Our thoughts, when not captured by what's happening or a TV screen, constantly flash with weighted layers of conscious and subconscious ruminations. Control is only possible with practice. Meditation. Prayer. Art. Writing. Whatever you call it. #drawfool forces me to not ignore the noise.

It's Monday, yet again, I find myself wondering 'who is this evangelical base as relates to US politics and how do they test to see if their approval has changed, or not? -- they often announce very quickly, as in within hours after the latest wave of "stuff" goes public. 'No change in Trump supporters... regardless of whatever the latest moral debacle is.

Who do they call? Is there a phone ring of pastors and small-town counsel folks who post 'supporter' option polls hourly or check-in with FOX news?

Seriously, if you know, how they know, please let me know. Thanks :)
Jan. 22, 2018.
Friday, January 26, 2018.

No one answered my question about the quick math about the steadfastness of the Trump base. So, I forgot about it until I was listening to a podcast and they kept saying 35% still support Trump. This number bothers me. Why? Only 58% of people registered to vote, voted, 26% for Donald and 27% for Hillary. 5% for other candidates. Then they*(Reuters and HuffPost) say support for Trump has dropped from 2/3rds after the inauguration to less than 1/3rd now, since August and November 2017. Now in January 2018. I read this number of supporters as 26% minus two thirds of those voters or 8.7% of voters. Not the entire US population but of voters. So by this math, why do people still state that 35% still support this man? You are welcome to explain statistics out of election results versus polls to me. I'd like that actually. ☮

They* (links to sources)



Sunday, January 28, 2018

Complaint to myself, posted here, who knows why.

Sunday, today is intended as a day of rest, but while resting I'm pondering survival. The sweet ideal where your work is something that matters. To love your life's work, the ultimate achievement. The stigma and stereotype of artist (starving to multi-million art star) legitimacy is always the debate. Tho, I guess it's the same for all humans regardless of career. The plethora of marginalized unprocessed writers. What are the mainstream publishing odds now in 2018? I'm too bitter to do the work to calculate the math. In 2010 after quite a shit-ton of research the ratio I came up with was 30,000:1. As in 30-k book manuscripts slush piled on the sagging roofs of the industry, for every one published and marketed novel. I'm truly not something else. This narrative artist/whatever I am, but I wish my mind worked another way. I try and fail to be logical. I attempt over and over again to think of ideas that make sense in this world. But, I need both the cents and the sense to make a survival. Lately, I am painfully aware of not making either.

Not giving up and just playing video games, watching TV and compulsively posting to social media. I do those things, but I am also slogging along on mass scribbled storyboards for another project. Depression, especially when it manifests itself as grumpy complaining is hellishly boring in my opinion. Just in case anyone wondered or got this far, reading? Some days I think the clicks on this blog are all me, checking for typoes then reloading because I never get them all.  

January 16, 2018

recurring daydream 1 and 2 of 50 ways to 'save the world'

Doodle for January 16, 2018.

Recurring daydream -- Yep, this is a biofuel system, like LooWatt only with additional passive and renewable energy modules working together. Seems like a fair joke to admit that this could be the 'cold fusion' humanity has been searching for, for decades now, but, it's been coming out of our asses the entire time.

Recurring daydream as in a lot, here's a paragraph copy and pasted from a list of 50 ways to 'save the world' that got written into my November 2017 NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

1. Green housing & building , experimental engineering and design neighborhoods in every state & climate region in the US - working with colleges, community colleges & trade schools, to build & test prototypes, promote fair competition of best designs, keep zoning laws and building codes up to speed on the safest most efficient local designs, train and certify trades people in how to best install and construct everything ( smart micro-grids, energy storage, gray water systems, passive solar window boxes etc..) and get the best ideas into the market and to the people most efficiently.

So there's the idea, and here's why it isn't happening... Well besides the obvious reason. Money. I.e. passive energy doesn't make big energy money. 

If I had a shit ton of money, I'd have a company that designed systems for small houses. I looked for our house, multiple times for more than one place we lived over the years. So far, I've only found estate sized systems on the market and even those were in parts. The solar tubes sold separately from the tank system etc... 

A passive energy revolution would create a lot of jobs. It's also so expensive to design and maintain custom systems, very few are able to do it. 

The garbage industry plus septic engineering job isn't something many people want to spend their lives "processing". Picking up tanks of effluent and bins of byproducts, checking filters and catalytic converters, not glorious work unless you have an 'unsung hero' complex. 

Also, gas lines, tanks, and energy generating systems require space that is separate from living space, both to maintain air quality in the living spaces and for a contained blast wall for normal combustion chambers and accidents.

Onwards ☮ + 💚

P.s. I ended this on a low note because this is 'expulsion of the fool' - not a How-To blog. If you have a company making any part of this passive/renewable energy system for small homes, in the US, I'd love to hear from you. Even just a tweet at @Uva_Be would be super.

Doodle for January 17, 2018.

I can not even convince some of my most beloved friends to stop buying plastic bottles. This is either my third or fourth blog post on the topic of throwaway beverage containers and I confess to complete environmental duh-fatigue, so I'm just tacking BYOM onto the blog post from yesterday.

2. BYOM (Bring your own mug) water bottle or thermos.

Instead of a soda machine, a small commuter cafe would be nice. Or even a corner store with a hand washing sink or a small beverage container cleaning station and a rack of new beverage containers beside soda fountains, juice bars, coffee stations etc… Not only to stop the obvious pile of use once and throw away beverage containers but stop the fuel used to transport water.

Water is heavy at a pint per pound, for miles and miles, to then be stored in plastic bottles in large glass door refrigerators running 24/7.

How is our use-once throw-away plastic-culture not the very definition of social insanity?

Just google BYOM or plastic trash or plastic gyers in every ocean on planet earth!

Okay as for a solution to bad water. The most affordable house or small business sized water filters are those sold for commercial ice machines.

Also, there are some nice counter top models. I know, nothing worthwhile is cheap, and it takes a little effort on your part. To make your own damn cup of filtered water or tea/coffee. But, please people, for you and me and all the fishes in the sea. BYOM is a good place to start making a difference.

P.s. I feel really bad, guilty even for the increasing number of communities who have water poisoned by fracking or lead and other chemicals. I write this, in the hopes that good water filter systems and cup washing stations will be installed in all schools and neighborhood markets, especially those with contaminated water.

BYOM this is about plastic trash and if you have good water at home or work please appreciate it. Thanks

Jan. 20, 2018
We are the wall, today's #doodle (really more of a scribble :) #drawfool inspired by Jan. 20, 2018 Woman's march and Brick x Brick performance art/protest a human wall CA to VT to end misogyny. I wonder how many million were out there worldwide today? Sea to sea, Canada and UK as well.

The news feed got me down, but an image search, Twitter and YouTube show you can't hide the truth. Check out the reTweets from marches all over the world if you need some cheering up. https://twitter.com/Uva_Be  (P.s. there are a ton of photos there today, I don't know what will be in the tweet stream tomorrow, it's twitter. :D

January 14, 2018

brains on emotional rollercoaster

Doodle for Jan 15, 2018
Mind's eye view of me from above.

Okay? I've decided I like the digital doodles for this project. Er... daily expulsion, whatever I'm doing. Also, I'm going to post 7 doodles in one weekly post, and I'll put my favorite doodles on top and push the less liked scribbles down the page. Unless I change my mind of course. Eh, whatever.

Doodle for Jan 14, 2018

Yep. Brain chemicals, heart rate, time of day, plus stuff going on in the world and how successful we are in ignoring/reacting to it all.

Doodle for Jan. 21, 2018.

So? That day after I state that I'm going to add 7 doodles to one weekly post, I draft up two of my environmental episodes and then return to the emotional self-portraits. Yep. Here ya go.

Doodle for January 18th, 2018
Today is Friday. Yesterday night, hubby and I, we skipped a day and decided Thursday was Friday. I was digging through some boxes looking for a glue-brush for bookbinding, and found a couple bottles of wine left over from Thanksgiving. We only opened one of them, but that was enough to throw us off task for the evening. 

The good news is, no news. Because of a mistake made by the New York Times help department, my newspaper subscription got canceled. Instead of reading the news on the toilet. (Yes, I've been reading the shit the US call news lately, on the "pot"). This morning I opened an Arts & Culture app. I've been alternating between art by the dead i.e. history, and ello. They have a pretty damn good blog. https://ello.co/elloblog full of art from around the globe, but mostly from NY (therefore everywhere). I've been cross-posting my #drawfool #doodles via ello. https://ello.co/uva-be . See :)

Jan. 19, 2018