February 23, 2016

closet full of unedited drafts

lost tale direction 

story a mirage of words 

 too far to return 



Um.... why did I write that, ... haiku?  Back in February, this year of 2016? The simple reason is, 'I was lost'. 

 Today, June 19th, summer of this same year, I've decided to be found for a while. I'm tired of being lost. It's not that I've figured out where I'm going to. It's just, I'm here now, so I'm going to try being where I'm at, where ever "here" happens to be. 


 By the way for those of you who wonder about #haiku, it's fun. 
 Here are the rules as I understand them.

Write a poem with three lines. The first line is 5 syllables. The second line with 7 syllables and the third line with 5 syllables, again. The goal of a haiku is to express an idea or a feeling in this short sound shape of words. 

Be careful to not write one line, or one sentence and divide it at 5/7/5. It may look like a haiku, but it isn't a poem unless each line of words can stand on it's own as a sound phrase. I only mention this because I see a lot of haiku on twitter written like a broken sentence, not that I am correct and an authority on this, but if you read them too, you'll know what I mean.  



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