June 19, 2016

Two continent wide lawn mowing ban

The Americas: North America, Canada and South America unanimously agreed yesterday to cease the practice of mowing private and public lawns for non-sporting use. Only, soccer/football fields, golf courses, baseball diamonds and other athletic grass fields will be maintained by mowing, effective immediately.

Native Georgia grass, planted in Atlanta, USA along the 'belt-line' walk/bike path.

It was a trifecta of reasons: water, pollution and habitat, but all from the same source, climate change. “Stopping lawn mowing is one way we could take a bite out of climate change, without adding any expensive infrastructure.” A spokesperson from the American committee to protect vital pollinators, cheerfully reported.

Removing lawns from the equation saves water, especially those lawns grown in climate areas that require a sprinkler system to grow and stay green. 

2. Pollution. If we all stop lawn mowing (and machine-powered weed-whacking, and edging etc...), it cuts an unnecessary use of non-renewable energy i.e. gas and electricity (plus batteries), fertilisers and weed killers that leach into our soil and water systems and lastly, stopping use of lawn maintenance machines cuts one of the main sources of neighborhood noise pollution. 

3. Habitat. Grass as a monoculture is not a good base for disappearing natural habitat for bees, native plants, birds and all creatures above and below the topsoil. Lawns as they are being used now, as some sort of machine maintained outside carpet, simply do not belong in nature.” Imagine instead of lawns, small yard shaped fields of wildflowers, clover or native climate region appropriate ground cover plants. 

Flowers next to a sidewalk in San Francisco, CA
This is a vital first step, and we are hopeful that other countries will follow the Americas example, replacing mowed lawns with native plants, ground cover, and gardens.  

P.s. Leaf blowers were last month. If you still own a leaf blower turn it in, to a machine upcycling location near you.

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