July 5, 2016

A question for all for the Bernie or Bust people

First, for all for the Bernie or Bust people, I voted for Bernie in the Primary. I also voted for Obama in the 2008 primary. I’m a person who votes on the issues after much research. Why am I writing this? Because like 51% of the American population I was born female and I’m sick and tired of our misogynistic country.

 Okay America, you know how Donald T. keeps saying. “It doesn’t matter what I do. People just like me.” etc… etc… in many variations, including one catchy version that involves shooting people in a public street in NY.

Conversely it doesn’t matter how much Hillary Rodham-Clinton does right. How she has fought for children and families for her entire adult life. It doesn’t matter how intelligent and tough she is. It doesn’t matter how much international on the job experience she has. Because she is a woman who chose to make politics her career. i.e. a woman in power = people hate her.

You don’t believe me? Okay. Let’s take the e-mail scandal. Hillary C. accepts a position as Secretary of State after losing a hard fought campaign to Barak O. She goes to her staff and seeks advise on how to best do her job. Someone advised the Clinton’s that US government e-mails are being targeted by hackers and recommends someone in the tech industry to set up a private e-mail server. I have no doubt that who ever this computer tech was, he or she set up many private e-mail servers including some for more than one high ranking US government official, because you don’t get to set up a private server for the Clinton’s without being very good at your job and being highly recommended. Also to this tech person’s credit they did a good job. Why? It’s simple. Did the Clinton’s private server get hacked? No, it did not. How do we know this? Because, we know she had to submit all the data on that server to the investigation. That’s it. End of story.

Hillary C. is not a computer tech. She had to ask one of her staffers for help to set up her iPad. This is not joke, look it up for yourself. Like her or not, Hillary C’s genius is and always has been as a politician. As relates to her "lies" and the FBI investigation. I'm as confounded as the next person. Occam's razor, the simplest answer is probably the correct one. I.e. remember how she asked, "Where Bernie Sander's was on her early attempts at health care reform?"... and he was standing right behind her, and she even publicly thanked him then for his support, and then forgot years later? Well, the simplest answer is again, she sought advice and said what she thought was correct, and hasn't got a clue how many devices were handed to her, because she was reading the content of the e-mails, doing her job, not paying any attention at all to if the device handed to her was the same phone or not. As for Bernie S. standing right behind her? I still think we should unite the Democrats by putting both Bernie and Hillary on one ticket. One as POTUS and one as VEEP, just like the original constitution mandated. But, where was I? The topic was America's disrespect for women, taken out on Hillary C. not who I believe should be on the Democratic ticket.

 I could go on about pantsuits, but that was last election. We’ve all heard Donald T. yelling at the top of his lungs about how Hillary C. yells and speaks too loud (as a woman). Did you catch the irony there? Many of us have glanced at the statistics in that Harvard study on media bias in the 2016 primary. I look at the chart about the tone of coverage Hillary C. versus Bernie S. and it doesn’t surprise me at all. It depresses the hell out of me, and like I confessed in the first line, you know who I voted for in the primary. Don’t believe the media bias was misogynistic just by the comments alone; look at the numbers.

I don’t know what else to say? I guess if you have read this far you already know everything I mentioned and more that we all don’t have time for. Problem is, we are running out of time. Without any hesitation what the world needs more of is women in power. So, please take a minute before you vote and ask yourself, why you are voting for the person you are voting for?

  The future thanks you.

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